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BIANCA DeLEON/Dangerous Endeavor: Praised by Guy Clark, Townes Van Zandt's sidekick and produced by a Lost Gonzo. Is this real Texas enough for you? Rocking harder than her folkie pals, this gal whose life seems to have inspired several Van Zandt tunes knows how to roll it out on her own in fine style. Now posited firmly as a next gen Austin mainstay, she's a smoking hot freight train ready to knock you down if you don't get out of the way. A real sizzler.
(Lonesome Highway 1001)

AUBURN/Game of Faith: An English folkie doing Americana in Nashville with a deceptively girly voice, this study in contradictions will make your head spin--in a good way. A deceptive mash up of almost everything, lead Liz Lenten makes you give up nothing to enjoy this way left, non-art chick release. A sure bet to be something completely different, it's deceptive simplicity is only one of it's many charms. Well done.
(Scarlet 40)

KELLY'S LOT/Can't Take My Soul: Ripping through a bunch of tunes loaded with special sauce, she comes on like an amped up Kim Carnes tearing through blues rockers with ease. A white girl with the blues that shows right out of the box that she's a student of the game as well as a seasoned performer with 25 years under her belt, this is a major party record for frat boys of all ages that the night to pass with nothing but high spots.

MARCOS SILVA/Brasil From Head to Toe: The keyboard ace has been keeping busy in the 30 years that's passed since his last album--and now he's making up for lost time. One of the great bridges between Brazilian and American jazz, Silva had seen and done it all but this mature artist statement is no lion in winter outing. Anything but. Vigorous and clear, this is music making like it once was and is supposed to be. A smoking composer as well as player, this is a fine example of how music was when it could stand on it's own rather than be a sideshow. Killer stuff.
(Goose Egg 8003)

LARRY STEVENSON BAND/30: You have to be careful what you say. Back in the day when we scribes turned in copy we put -30- at the bottom to let the editor know that was the end. Here, Stevenson says it because he's celebrating 30 years of being at it. A delightful traditional bluegrass set brings straight ahead good vibes and chops that all go the distance. A solid, unpretentious entertainer, the low key fire of this set is what makes it a real gasser. How about 30 more?
(Whysper Dream 7428)

PETER WARD/Train to Key Biscayne: Talk about white boys with the blues, most of the crème of the northeast blues scene shows up here to lend a hand to the former Legendary Blues Band's guitarists second solo set. Loaded with after hours , easy going stuff, this is a smoky special that has everything but his old pal, Duke Robillard, on board A clear cut above winner for music geeks of a certain age that are proud to still be the game seeking out killer sounds.
(Gandy Dancer 3)

HARPDOG BROWN/For Love and Money: This Charlie Musselwhite looking old school cat even gets Musselwhite testifying in the liner notes. Words like Americana and roots were put in play for cats like this because they mash up and genre splice so much at once, you might never be sure where he's coming from--although it's someplace good. Mixing blues and honky tonk in all it's forms from the 40's forward, this is a stone cold killer of a set that will turn you on to the blues if you aren't there already. This record is one great show.
(Dog House)

Volume 43/Number 174
April 13, 2019
830 W. Route 22 #144
Lake Zurich, IL., 60047
CHRIS SPECTOR, Editor and Publisher
Copyright 2019 Midwest Record

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