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JOHN CLIFTON/In the Middle of Nowhere: This harp playing white boy with the blues is an unabashed blues genre splicer that melds it all into a big, bad party sound that rocks the juke joint all night long. With roots deep in the tradition, even his originals have a post war sound and fury to them. Delightfully hot, hard and heavy, this is a must for the frat boy in everyone trying to burst out.
(Rip Cat 1901)

JANET SUNG/Edge of Youth: A former classical violin tyro shows the record world what concert audiences already know---it's time for the other fiddling ladies to move over and give this newcomer her rightful due in standing toe to toe with them. Cocking her ear more toward modern works, while still able to play the classics without a second thought, she commands center stage on this mostly solo release with maturity and confidence that you wish she could bottle and sell. Smashing stuff throughout out, this is the next star you'll be celebrating.
(Sono Luminus 92230)

KING BEE & THE STINGERS/Meet Me in Memphis: This crew kept it off to the sidelines for a while before getting their debut record prepped and the marinating process paid off. Fronted by a white girl with he blues, Sarah Menefee hits it out of the park right from the start. With a heavy dose of Muscle Shoals in the mix, this bunch gets right down to business without any manqueing around. Gritty without being course, this has all the right moves in all the right places giving a sum total of really hot stuff that's really a treat.
(Hive Talking)

Volume 43/Number 166
April 5, 2019
830 W. Route 22 #144
Lake Zurich, IL., 60047
CHRIS SPECTOR, Editor and Publisher
Copyright 2019 Midwest Record

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