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ALAN BROADBENT TRIO/New York Notes: Oh, come on, what is there to say? You have Broadbent playing with his long time piano trio, recording mostly live in a studio where there is no clock and the good vibes are running rampant. Feeling like he was recording and playing with this trio Previn style, if you're in the know, you know there's nothing Broadbent can't do around a piano---and he shows how it's all done here. Swinging through originals and covers, this bunch shows how you can keep it simple but still be playing with fire. Yep, hot stuff!
(Savant 2166)

JERRY BERGONZI/Seven Rays: The sax ace summons all the New York within him to go for that angular, muscular sound that is the trademark of classic Big Apple sax. Too much of a pro to let it devolve into pure skronk, he knows his honking and keeps the wheels from falling off no matter how twisty the twists and turns are. Solid stuff from a cat that enjoys blowing his brains out----in a good way.
(Savant 2170)

XOSE MIGUELEZ/Ontology: Ethnic, but not world jazz, inspired by his great aunt and some motifs that run through it all, this is solid sitting down, listening jazz that flows like the river in a Zen koan and never blows a false note. You don't have to be an egghead to love it, just someone that appreciates sax blown right starting with some blue prints on the artist's DNA. Tasty stuff made for grown up ears.
(Origin 82778)

FUMI TOMITA/Elephant Vanishes: Even English majors might not be up on what's going on here as the bass ace does his impressionistic versions of Japanese short stories that probably fall somewhere in the range of Aesop's Fables. Often having some form of despair as their theme, some of these tracks blow forward with too much of a force to be taken that way. In any case, he knows his jazz and this is a fine change up from a new voice that's been honing his skills in New York for the last 15 years. Treat it as more than a novelty.
(OA2 22165)

DANN ZINN/Day of Reckoning: Recorded as a farewell to Fantasy Studios, sax man Zinn and his pals recorded pretty much live off the floor capturing their vibes as well as the sounds that passed through those doors (even if some of them were recorded by Van Gelder on the other side of the country). These originals are all about energy and heart, both of which are delivered by the truck load. Smoking mainstream stuff that gives you a great view of a cat that just keeps getting better each timeout. Well done.
(Origin 822779)

MARK WALKER/You Get What You Give: If you think this drummer doesn't have a thing for Latin jazz, get yourself a look at the names on his guest list and you'll see that he wants to make some contemporary jazz that sounds like it came right from the street. High octane, joyful sounds that capture the rainbow and unicorns without getting corny about it, buoyancy powered by chops is always welcome. Well done.

YURIY GALKIN/For It's Beauty Alone: An impressionistic bass ace from downtown by way of Russia shows that Gil Evans' school of orchestrating is something that should never go out of style---especially in the right hands. Tasty, sitting down jazz that strikes a chord in the mind, this is one of those sets just right for when you want to be alone---just you and your music. Here's a cat to follow that going to go the distance.

JEFF PIFHER & SOCRATES TRIAL/Alternate Futures-Past Realities: Not exactly egghead jazz but the sax man at the wheel with classical tendencies and an academic background seems like he's trying to steer things that way. All the players on board know the right moves and make music that's just right for Sunday afternoon listening when you're right in that in between place shaking off last week and getting ready for the next. Solid stuff that rings righteously in adult ears.

LAUREN WHITE/Life in the Modern World: You can't be Steve Tyrell's music director for 16 years without having an appreciation for jazz vocals and chestnuts that have fallen through the cracks., When your interests are as wide ranging as White's, a well turned original is sure to pop up in your mix as well. A straight up, jazz vocal date where the only real frills are good vibes and smoking chops, her eclectic tastes keep this from being a one note affair and it sounds like a good time was had by all. Smoking throughout.
(Café Pacific 15010)

AUSTIN CUNNINGHAM/Country & Western Music: I'd recommend you don't leave this long haired country boy alone. After decades of turning out hits for others, Cunningham grabs the wheel and rocks it out on the hard side of modern in a way that Merle would have dug if he had the lung power to match his fire. Solid contemporary country that doesn't pander and has what it takes to make every day July 4th. Well done.
(Senior Partner)

Volume 43/Number 164
April 3, 2019
830 W. Route 22 #144
Lake Zurich, IL., 60047
CHRIS SPECTOR, Editor and Publisher
Copyright 2019 Midwest Record

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