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CHAD RICHARD/Worthy Cause: A cat from so deep in Cajun country that his name is pronounced Ree-shard, this swamp popper delivers it from the heart of indiginousville in a most heartfelt way. Natchurl throughout, this is a flavor of Americana that has so many strains running through it there's no point in calling it anything but enjoyable. Showing no signs of sophomore jinx, this cat with a lot on his plate manages to put music front and center once he steps in front of a mic. A must for anyone that love down home sounds without affectation or hesitation.

JOSH HYDE/Into the Soul: Another cat from down home that shows no sign of sophomore jinx, Hyde loves chucky, funky riffs that make him for a white boy with the blues, until he throws a change up, sometimes in the middle of a song, that shows him to be a cat that fell in love with the radio when that was possible. A blue eyed soul man when he isn't whip sawing into other directions, this is fun stuff throughout that feels like a smoking house party above all else.

TERRY ROBB/Confessin' My Blues: Don't let his kosher Mennonite looks fool you. Behind those glasses is a cat that loved those Takoma, Kicking Mule and other 70s DIY/micro labels that just kept issuing amazing acoustic guitar records but have since gone away. Here we find him keeping the tradition and lineage intact, alive and well. A must for acoustic guitar lovers, this dazzling set just won't disappoint as you clamor for more.

NIK TURNER/Final Frontier: The original Hawkwinder is back with a set that builds on his recent vintage space explorations and finds him merging Hawk's past with the uncharted future for future generation space heads to only consider the possibilities. A sci-fi prog rocker to the core, this is a solid mind bending freak out for those that continue to carry the flag.
(Purple Pyramid 1195)

PACK RAT'S SMOKE HOUSE/Men of the Swamp Live: An interracial crew of old timers with gray hair, they are led by a central Florida white boy with the blues that sounds like he crawled out of the swamp when he was rescued by his black pals. Greasy, funky blues that sounds like Chicago's west side when the first rush of northern migration hit town, this twofer is loaded with stuff so authentic you might start thinking it's an archival recording. Wildly killer stuff that cuts to the heart so directly, you just won't believe it. Freaking, mighty killer stuff throughout.
(Black Frost)

PATRICK CORNELIUS/This Should Be Fun: The title says it all as Cornelius goes on to prove that it doesn't have to all be seriousness and statements in delivering a buoyant, bouncy date that doesn't shirk for a second but wants the good times to roll, even if in a low key jazz style. Easy rolling straight ahead jazz that's easy to take and easy to like, this is a must for when you want to turn any hours into after hours. Well done.
(Posi-Tone 8195)

LAURIE ANTONIOLI/Constant Passage of Time: She might be switching it up this time around, but one thing is certain, she still has that Joni Mitchell discovering jazz vibe to her sound. Working this time out with a band and contributing some originals as she also widens her set list to more than one composer, this is a set that gathers the things that make the jazz vocalist what she is---and that's interesting on all counts. Solid stuff for adult listeners looking for some solid adult listening.
(Origin 82777)

MACEO PARKER/Live on Planet Groove Revisited: If you're like me, this story should be familiar. You really dug this killer set from Parker's most fertile solo period. One day it disappeared. You were always pissed off that Verve and Amazon never listed it for midline. You were pissed off that when Borders was handing out 30% off coupons like hooker handbills in Vegas, they never had it in stock. Finally you found it on You Tube and fired it up when you needed a jolt. Well, just in time for the album's 28th anniversary comes the 25th anniversary edition expanded to an extra disc and a DVD---all of it essential. While the expanded elements are terrific, nothing is more terrific than Candy Dulfer's most shining moment as of the date of this writing as she duets with Parker on "Addictive Love" that does more than raise the roof. In it's original state, this was in the pantheon of greatest live albums of all time, this edition makes it unquestionably one for the ages. Timeless and classic throughout.
(Minor Music 801150)

TOMMY RYMAN/Having the Time of My Life: A traditional stand up comic that pokes fun but doesn't have anger at the driving wheel makes the crowd laugh it up with his observations that frequently are delightfully kookie and quirky making sure the laughs are relatable and non-stop. Fun stuff that knows how to hold the audience in the palm of it's hand.
(Stand Up 182)

ARLEN ROTH/Telemasters: The consummate guitar man has managed to parlay being a Woodstock folkie into a 45 year run as right hand to all the greats and recognition as one of the most influential guitarists of all time. Here he enlists Tom Hambridge to produce this guitar tour de force where he rubs elbows with a bunch of great Telecaster players. A most mighty busman's holiday for all involved, kiddies, this is how it sounds when real players are delighted to be off the clock and play for the hell of it without worrying about being a brand. Killer stuff throughout.
(Aquinnah 414)

Volume 43/Number 159
March 29, 2019
830 W. Route 22 #144
Lake Zurich, IL., 60047
CHRIS SPECTOR, Editor and Publisher
Copyright 2019 Midwest Record

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