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CREATURE & THE WOODS/J Tree: Indie folk rockers serve it up for today's left leaning kids that are looking for some meat on the bone. Mashing up some psych, some hard driving folk and some left leaning rock, this is the dissident sound for rebellion today--the place where kids should be kids. It cuts through the dross mightily.
(Blind Owl)

MISTER GOODFAITH/Big Mistake: Here's how doctors in Canada blow off steam after a long day of listening to people kvetch---they rock out---the universal cure for so much. A hard rocking rocker that isn't limited by much in the way of anything, he kicks out the jams here and knows what the kids are going through. This is what they would be playing on FM if that still existed as any kind of force.

JASON PALMER/Rhyme & Reason: Looks like the new way to push the envelop on the business side of the glass is to craft a non profit organization that let's responsible creatives create in their own way. This young trumpeter is deft enough to use his platform to debut with a double album as the debut album for the label. A smart cat that knows how to pick his crew wisely, everything is on point here so much so that all the jazzbo ears have to do is sit back and enjoy. A solid debut throughout, the only message here to is enjoy yourself and let the cats do their thing. A real joy.
(Giant Step Arts 1)

A PICTURE MADE/Heal: An album you probably won't know what to do with, this crew started out 35 years ago and rubbed elbows with the rising crème of the underground as alt. became something that came to be. And here they are after all this time sounding like a bunch of folkies with a left leaning but practical message. Let's call it soul music for whitey, this is all about feeling from the heart and depth. A deep album for deep thinkers that savor well wrought lyrics, it might be a cult item but it'll be one with long, strong legs.
(Goooodspeeed 1)

NATIVE SWOUL/What Is That Isn't?: A crew with well done chops that aren't over done, they come to play and play righteously they do. A straight up ensemble that are loaded with telepathy and respect, this is that wonderful kind of jazz you can simply lose yourself quite easily in. Solid playing solid presence, solid throughout, sit back and enjoy the proceedings as they were meant to be. Hot stuff.
(Cellar Music 10418)

KERRY KEARNEY/Smokehouse Serenade: Straight up blues rock guitar choogle that makers you wonder which came first, this music or the beer. With mostly originals leading the way, this is a fine example of how frat parties sound when Otis Day and the Knights are unavailable. Fun party stuff that does the job quite nicely.

WILY BO WALKER & ED BRAYSHAW/Roads We Ride: For all of our yakking about cinematic music, Scottish blues rocker Walker takes up the challenge and comes in with a double disc, thematic ‘film' noir record that really delves into the underside as it careens along at break neck speed. The kind of set that can comfortably take it's place next to other genre defying, genre busting records, the cats here do it right and could sell this as a movie as is. This is practically in Netflix's wheelhouse. Hard driving stuff you really have to strap yourself in for before the ride takes off, betcha this is how "Berlin" would sound if it was made today and made in overdrive. Whew!!!
(Mescal Canyon 38)

Volume 43/Number 139
March 9, 2019
830 W. Route 22 #144
Lake Zurich, IL., 60047
CHRIS SPECTOR, Editor and Publisher
Copyright 2019 Midwest Record

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