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BEAT CIRCUS/These Wicked Things: An art mash up of epic proportions, this isn't malcontents acting out, this is the fruits of high brow minds surfing the back alleys. The wildest sonic ride you could take this side of a Zappa nightmare, it's on point and it's real with nary a false note in the festivities. Crazy stuff that's warp your mind and rot your teeth, it's more fun than cotton candy served up by an evil carny. Check it out, if you dare.
(Innova 15)

UNIVERSITY OF ST. THOMAS WIND ENSEMBLE/Other Side: Prepare yourself for a mind and ear opening experience. A commissioned work, this modern classical work sounds like Mozart met Bernstein and let the fur fly. Loaded with modern touches and moves, it still remains true to the pocket and really sets a course for bringing tomorrow's listeners into the tent today. A wild work that sets new standards and blows open previously unopened doors to new rooms. Well done.
(Innova 7)

BRAD ARMSTRONG/I Got No Place Remembers Me: A fed up southern rocker gets fed up with a lack of success, makes an outlier freek folk record and gets even less response. Then it gets picked up by a malcontent label for vinyl release and, voila. Now on cd, this freek folk set has all those malcontent elements that make listening to stuff that colors outside the lines so much fun and so emotionally rewarding. Hard hitting stuff that leads no stone unturned and no hold barred, this set of emotional fire and brimstone will really take you to unexpected places. Great stuff for those who dare.
Cornelius Chapel 29)

CORY WEEDS QUINTET/Live at Frankie's Jazz Club: Basically a tribute to Blue Note by this crew of pro vets that know how to cook, just trust they aren't manqueing around as they all blow from the heart and play jazz the way it was meant to be played---all in a way newbies, moldy figs and everyone in between can agree on. Solidly tasty throughout, all you can do here is still back and marvel at the crew doing their thing. Killer stuff throughout.
(Cellar Live 52618)

PETE COCO TRIO/Lined With a Groove: Anyone who owns any Concord or Arbors albums or who has heard jazz in New York is probably already familiar with this bass ace. Using his debut recording as a platform to pay tribute to the bass greats that influenced him along the way, he tips the cap to a pantheon of greats here with a mixture of respect and passion. Showing just how much these cats have added to jazz, this is a magnificent statement about the state of the art. A winner throughout.
(Dzff 1)

CARL BORDEN/Morning Embrace: Music born of kidney failure, I'll bet being able to make his third album for the label is among his list of blessings. A solid new age keyboard session that kind of makes the feelings behind it closer to the surface, he dedicates this set to ‘kidney warriors' everywhere and hopes it helps them on their way. You can feel these feelings in the work.
(Real Music 6337)

BAMBI LEE SAVAGE/Berlin-Nashville Express: A post punk feminist who could have had an easier life being an engineer than a struggling songwriter, Savage has found her way around the world and into this rockabilly lite groove that has her doing some Americana/folkie moves in quite the fine form. Always keeping you guessing, you have to stay tuned to see where she's taking you next. Fun stuff for the restless organic ears that are looking for some teasing and pleasing. Well done.
(Hoof & Antler)

SIVAN ARBEL/Change of Light: A mash up of international jazz moves, this time out Arbel's set of personal experiences takes you into her heart instead of her mind, as she did last time out. A left leaning, progressive date, the open eared can count on a sonic adventure here.

KEVIN HAYS-CHIARA IZZI/Across the Sea: A well rounded set of art jazz with a cabaret edge by a vocalist, her pianist and their smart jazzbo pals. Heavy on originals with a Euro slant, high tone listeners will enjoy this as well they should since it hits many of their marks.
(Via Veneto 128)

BEN WINKELMAN TRIO/Balance: The jazz piano man that likes odd meters is back with his new set of switch backs that leave you guessing where it's improv or composed. The kind of cat that keeps you on your toes but doesn't indulge in art for art's sake, he tickles the ear as well as the fancy with this set that just let's the music do what it will----and it always does the right thing. Solid stuff that's going to keep his legend growing.
(OA2 22164)

Volume 43/Number 131
March 1, 2019
830 W. Route 22 #144
Lake Zurich, IL., 60047
CHRIS SPECTOR, Editor and Publisher
Copyright 2019 Midwest Record

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