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02/04/19 reboot

TIFFANY POLLACK-ERIC JOHANSON/Blues in My Blood: The thing that differentiates these white kids with the blues is a heavy Nawlins accent among the roots sounds and they've come through the pomo/industrial age. A pair that's not following in Butterfield's footsteps, this is hard hitting, authentic stuff that connects musically, lyrically and vocally. Never falling into shoe gaze self indulgence even when wailing, well, the blues, this is a killer debut that raises the roof beams all night long. Hot stuff throughout that's grab you hard.
(Nola Blue 8)

EHUD ASHERIE TRIO/Wild Man Blues: If you've been following piano man Asherie's career you already know he's been making a series of great records. He ups the game here and makes a career defining statement by taking a walk down memory lane making a lot of various stops along the lane. Playing like a master and doing it so effortlessly, if this isn't a mainstream jazzbos idea of a smoking listening date, you better check their pulse. Killer stuff throughout.
(Capri 74153)

EARTHQUAKE LIGHTS/Distress Signals: Music for the young and musically restless as their various interests line up for a mash up that takes you places you've only heard in dreams. They have so far flung a reach that they've had placements in Al Jazeera shows and recorded part of this at Abbey Road. Very forward thinking, if this gets streaming traction with those who are too cool for school, the sky might not be the limit. Check it out.

Volume 43/Number 95
February 4, 2019
830 W. Route 22 #144
Lake Zurich, IL., 60047
CHRIS SPECTOR, Editor and Publisher
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