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JIM BRENAN 11/50-50: The sax man has a bunch of wonderful educational credits, but he's also an alumni of the University of Maynard Ferguson so you know he has a bunch of invaluable lessons under his belt as well. With lips as adept at cool as well as kitsch, this all around cat serves up a real muso date for those who don't relate to streaming, wanting to put their time and money into something that'll always be there. Solid jazzbo work that shows there's still players out there that really care. Hot stuff.
(Death Defying)

MATT ELLIS/Rambler Pacifico: Garage rock meets folk/rock protest music in a mash up made for times when no one really knows what time it is. Giving voice to those who feel voiceless after munching the last of the avocado toast, this roots rocking set states it's case clearly and shows that the sun will rise tomorrow no matter how dark it seems right now. A dandy wild ride.
(Krow Pie)

CHARLIE DENNARD/Deep Blue: When the hype sheet tells you this is going to be a set of jazz piano wherein Nawlins meets ECM, just what are you to think? How about that a new dawn is dawning when such a mash up can come together and actually fulfill what's promised? With minimalism that's lush and loaded with sly second line funk, sitting down jazz has acquired a new vector for nu ears. Fun stuff that hits on all eight, this ear opener will get your juices flowing. Check it out.

TONY MONACO/Definition of Insanity: The modern B3 bad boy burner steps outside his comfort zone for lucky Monaco's 11(th) and cooks away on tunes from quadrants other than his own songbook. A real party time cooker when the blue lights are on in the basement, it makes perfect sense to give Jimmy Smith's heir apparent your full attention. Totally hot.
(Chicken Coop 7028)

PHILIPPE QUINT/Chaplin's Smile: Modern arrangements for piano and violin of Charlie Chaplin songs ("Smile" is here and a bunch you won't remember as well), with an old school, almost tango feeling, makes this a wonderful album for dazzling sophisticates looking to set a real mood with real music and real playing. The kind of thing that could only escape on the classics division of a major these days, it might not be loaded with beats but it certain has a wallop of a pulse. Wondrous, adult listening that grabs the gold ring.
(Warner Classics)

Volume 43/Number 78
January 18, 2019
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Lake Zurich, IL., 60047
CHRIS SPECTOR, Editor and Publisher
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