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BEARTHOVEN/American Dream: You don't have to be an angry black jazzbo to make church basement (or there abouts) music---you can be pissed off white jazzbos that want to make a statement about the way things are through your music as well. The trio tackles the work of a composer that shares their displeasure and makes state of mind music, the white equivalent of civil rights jazz. With so much to be displeased about, I'll bet this left of center music is closer to the mainstream than many think. Nice mind expanding stuff for whitey.
(Cantaloupe 21145)

SHAZZBOTS/Lightspeed: And the reason why this crew is handy award winners is that they have the knack for making legit pop and rock songs kids can call their own without any co-option by anyone over 10. Pitched at a level they can absorb and comprehend without talking down to them, this new set rocks, rolls and playfully cajoles. With a repeatability that'll let you listen to this repeated on end in the car pool without going crazy, these space freeeks have got the right touch. Well done.

D.J. SPARR/Electric Bands: A Texas guitar whiz with the chops to bang his sounds out to all fields across the entire music spectrum goes existentially arty here with trips about how Debussy would have written things today. A Sunday afternoon recital special, this date is for the high minded egghead that would brush off the hoi polloi like lint before ever having anything to do with them. Essential listening for people that like big words.
(Innova 13)

PAUL ELWOOD/Emissions Transparents: The kind of left leaning progressive music you might expect from a cat that played at the elbow of John Cage and admired Christian Wolff, all the while playing banjo, eclectic is this set's middle name. A clear cut winner for people that like profundity in their music, this is what you would certainly call ‘thinking man's music'. Check it out and I rest my case.
(Innova 5)

TED RUSSELL KAMP/Walkin' Shoes: After years of veritably watching the super side man virtually grow up in public he makes it abundantly clear that if alt.country was more than an niche genre, he'd be a massive superstar. Letting life on the road be the driving wheel behind this set, it sure as hell is a chiaroscuro apposition to Jackson Browne's life on the road kvetching. This set's singularity make you kick up your heels to the beat and spread a good time to be had by all. Killer stuff.
(Pomo 11)

Volume 43/Number 72
January 12, 2019
830 W. Route 22 #144
Lake Zurich, IL., 60047
CHRIS SPECTOR, Editor and Publisher
Copyright 2019 Midwest Record

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