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KATARINA PEJAK/Roads that Cross: An award winner on "Serbian blues circuit" now recording Texas with Laura Chavez and Mike Zito lending more than a hand, Pejak has her ear on the future with her perfect English diction and sense of modern blues rocking tucked firmly under her belt. A delightful and commercial release that makes the most of her breeziness as it winds it's way into her stories. Moldy figs may smirk dismissively but what to they know about the future. Well done.
(Ruf 1266)

SAFT SWALLOW PREVITE/You Don't Know the Life: Hell raisers with gray hair band together for a reinvention of the organ trio that keeps the usual Rare Noise spirit in tow but actually sets it's needle for the cocktail lounge on Mars, reinventing classics and chestnuts for Martian tastes that have only been receiving feint transmissions all these years. The snow on the fire doesn't dim their fires and anyone up for some post modern experimental jazz will know this is the place.
(Rare Noise 101)

QUINSIN NACHOFF'S FLUX/Path of Tonality: Cutting edge jazz/instrumental music that feels it's way through a round of nostalgia by playing vintage electro-acoustic instruments. Anyone who ever ventured into Zappa's seventh circle of jazz from hell will know the terrain and ropes here making this a pleasant trip for hell raisers everywhere. And there's two discs worth playing through.
(Whirlwind 4733)

ROGER SALLOOM/Hearty: With a voice that harkens back to the folk music scare that flowed in the wake of Dylan's initial entrance and storytelling that ranks right up there as well, this cat is a cat for real muso ears that still feel kinship to the time when music was more than branding. Very much and organic/back porch set, it's basicness is a big part of it's charm. Check it out, meaty songwriting fans.

DEE MILLER BAND/Leopard Print Dress: A hard blues rocking white gal with the blues that's here for the party and likes being the center of the action. A rollicking good time album by the Minnesota Duchess of the Blues that has earned her spot in the local blues hall of fame, this is text book example of how to make the good times roll. Sometimes the only message the music needs to carry is "boogie!!!". She knows and shows how to get it done.

TREVOR B. POWER BAND/Everyday Angel: A dj that found his own creative juices after getting lined up with Bobby Whitlock shows his Jersey on this set of hitting blues/soul/rock party music to all fields. A man for all seasons, his amiable, anthem friendly tracks hit the spot for party people whose idea of exercise is prolonged fist pumping. Hard hitting stuff that hits with a wink and a smile.

BENNY TURNER with Cash McCall/Going back Home: If you record "It's a Man Down There", you aren't kidding around when you say this a Chicago album that's going back to the roots. A smoking, solid west side blues show set, it sounds modern--a tribute to the pen of Willie Dixon whose spirit adorns this set mightily, this is the real deal, updated for modern ears with compromise. Why teach old dogs new tricks? Just teach tem to use new tech. Killer stuff throughout for both blues purist and newbie.
(Nola Blue)

RAN BLAKE-CLAIRE RITTER/Eclipse Orange: Third stream pianists Blake and Ritter celebrate Monk's 100 birthday, as well as a bunch of other personal bests, with a live concert that gives the faithful exactly what they came for. Not playing too far outside the margins, as you would think this occasion would give rise to, the duo gives it their best, which comes easily at this point in their careers, and a good time is had by all. Non third streamers might want to find out what the eggheads know that they don't.
(Zoning 1013)

KEN FOWSER/Right on Time: No longer a tyro but still a young lion, sax man Fowser continues to rewrite the language of jazz sax in subtle but firm ways. A tasty set by a cat that has already made his mark but is carving it deeper in stone, you just can't be a jazzbo and not dig this set. Not is it only right on time, it's loaded with right moves in the right places that add so much accent your ear is caught in it's web. Killer stuff.
(Posi-Tone 8191)

BOBBO BYRNES/Two Sides to This Town: One of those cats that seem to show up fully formed, this rocking alt.country/folk cat isn't crying in his beer or making other mush mouth sounds along the way. A nice set to really get behind, this set shows just what's going on in the hinterlands off the grid just asking to be noticed. Solid throughout.
(Broken Silence)

Volume 43/Number 65
January 5, 2019
830 W. Route 22 #144
Lake Zurich, IL., 60047
CHRIS SPECTOR, Editor and Publisher
Copyright 2019 Midwest Record

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