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WATERMELON SLIM/Church of the Blues: What once might have seemed like a one note joke has blossomed into an unbeatable white boy with the blues keeping it real and authentic as he sails into his senior citizen years. With the kind of life that supports this west side hollering, the electro slide guitar man knows how to raise the roof and bring home the recognition. With an extra dose of west side Chicago in the grooves, Slim and this crew of pros write the book all over again. Hard hitting, high octane stuff that never disappoints.
(Northern Blues 65)

WILLA VINCITORE/Choices: A white girl with the blues from Hudson Valley, Vincitore's debut arrived so fully formed that she's already in the New York State Blues Hall of Fame. Not like she arrived out of nowhere, there was already plenty of flying time behind the stellar debut and that flying time continues to show itself in smoking form here. She can belt without over emoting and there's just as much folk/Americana in the grooves as there is blues. A pro that knows how to get it done, this is the kind of stuff that first brought attention to the Woodstock area in the 70s.

BRITTANY ANJOU/Enamigo Reciprokataj: In which we find our fearless leader making a piano trio debut that goes somewhere else but really doesn't. Not willing to take on art for art's sake, this tyro that's sought out and studied with dyed in the wool pros shows that you don't need to microdose acid to expand your mind. Almost like taking the history of piano trio, putting it in a Yatzee cup and shaking it up to see where the future might lie, this amazing kaleidoscope of sounds just dazzles. This set is a good reason not to fear the unknown when you are in the right hands.
(Origin 82774)

AL GROMER KHAN/Durga Avenue: In which we find the sitar ace/soundscape master making more of a new age record than he's willing to take credit for. Letting his hippie flag fly, he takes credit for these songs coming through him rather than writing them, with uncontrollable action by the muses going back to where it all began in some instances. Unabashed head music that's unafraid to light all corners no matter how light or dark already, if you're willing to try this music on like a second skin, the rewards will be many fold. Really wild and an unbeatable trip within.
(Rasa )

Volume 43/Number 52
December 22, 2018
830 W. Route 22 #144
Lake Zurich, IL., 60047
CHRIS SPECTOR, Editor and Publisher
Copyright 2018 Midwest Record

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