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EDEN BRENT/Christmas with Bob Dowell: They met on a blues cruise 11 years ago and have been together ever since--with a relationship so strong they could record "Baby It's Cold Outside" before all the tsimmis began. An album of traditional Christmas cuts boogied up for the fun of it, it's wonderfully in the pocket throughout giving holiday chestnuts a nice kick in the pants. Fun stuff that'll burn brighter than any Yule log.
(Yellow Dog 2516)

JASON ROBERT BROWN/How We React and How We Recover: The Tony winner comes in with a healing music set for the times that might be a personal singer/songwriter set or an experiment in contemporary journalism. He's that good that we aren't sure. Very personal, up close stuff that almost runs the egghead ridges except for when it really kicks up it's heels along the way. Broadway fans have a known quantity here to enjoy.
(Ghostlight 83358)

MARGO SEIBERT/77th Street: A Joni sounding interpreter moves what would have been a cabaret set into a nu space. Mixing Kobain with Mitchell, this is how the future sounds in the hands of capable singer/interpreters. With a sound mash up under pinning it all, thrush fans won't be looking back at Chris Connor much as these sounds elbow their way in.
(Yellow Sound)

HUNDRED DAYS/original cast recording: This show, probably not known west of the Hudson, has been setting the underground in New York on fire as it takes the traditional musical format and moves it into today with no disrespect. An easy bet for Americana fans, this builds in that base and brings a slew of new folks into the tent. If you love musical theater and Americana, this is really something to crow about. Well done.
(Ghostlight 45542)

LIE DETECTORS/Part III Secret Unit: With all the proper left leaning rock credits at their beck and call, this duo that obviously can't get enough of Zappa's Jazz From Hell picks up the cudgel and soldiers on into that forest. No homage, no manqué, just adding to lessons learned from the master.
(Chant 1809)

WIG PARTY/99th Birthday: Jam banders with first call jam cred step up to mellow you out with the vibe that runs through it all. You lika da jam? Da jam is good.

ART EMSEMBLE OF CHICAGO and associated ensembles: An utterly essential collection of indigenous black music spanning the later half of the 20th century in which the group celebrates 40 years of their existence in step with the label's 50th anniversary. Whether AEC or not, the players and the free jazz spirit runs through it all, even when they are playing it relatively straight. An epic 21 disc collection from a crew that knew how to soldier on no matter what, this gives you the span of civil rights jazz from then to now with all the stops in between. They only made 6,000 of these boxes so call up your
Amazon page now---before you have to pay monster prices just for a used copy. Killer stuff from some of the greatest leaders through the wilderness.
(ECM 2630)

CAUSTIC CRUSH/A Jury of His Peers: Wild soundscapers go wild making music on USB cards. Eno meets hip hop meets EDM for a mind freak that will do it's thing on the kid's heads.
(Radical Turf)

Volume 43/Number 44
December 14, 2018
830 W. Route 22 #144
Lake Zurich, IL., 60047
CHRIS SPECTOR, Editor and Publisher
Copyright 2018 Midwest Record

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