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KRIS KRINGLE The Musical/Studio Cast Recording: You think it's easy to make a new, genre recording that cuts through the dross? Here we have a bunch giving it a whirl making something new for Christmas that isn't mawkish. They succeed. The kids'll love it and the adults they know will dig it as well in this season of a return to Mary Poppins. Solid work throughout, a new holiday classic is being minted here.
(Yellow Sound)

DANNY LYNN WILSON/Peace of Mind: A rootsy folkie hooks up with a white boy with the blues and they find a common ground that makes this low key wonder work well beyond all expectations. With lots of sly elements in the sound that catch you unawares, if at all, it all just adds up to a smoking whole that shows a lot of music is alive and well that you thought didn't even have a chance any more.
(Swingnation 388015)

DYLAN RODRIGUE/Cat's Game: Malcontent modern pop that has the skills to pay the bills but could probably have deployed them in other more profitable ways.

SATOKO FUJII ORCHESTRRA TOKYO/Kikoeru: The far east's most honorable jazz outsider raises the roof again with he long standing big band paying tribute to Masaya Kimura in a set that outliers can take to heart. A wild set that often provides a walk on the wild side, Fujii continues the celebration of her 60th birthday in fine style.
(Libra 215055)

ALLISON AU QUARTET/Wander Wonder: Fresh off a couple of big Canadian jazz award wins, Au and company change it up by taking a long view of looking down the road. Not bothered with toeing the line, they go free and enjoy the freedom. Knowing how to push the limits and keep it all in tact, that's the hallmark of this new outing that raises the roof nicely.
(AA 18)

NORMAN JOHNSON/Art of Life: Nothing going on here except guitar driven smooth jazz that works well throughout. Smart moves at all levels of the game buoy this set with ease. The place to check out if you're just looking fro a sonic good time.
(Pacific Coast Jazz 83664)

EBONY HILLBILLIES/5 Miles From Town: How cool is this? Carolina Chocolate Drops hook up with Gus Cannon and they all take steroids. Down home string band music like the kind the Lomax's used to find but with better recording techniques. These guys just plain, freaking rock like no other. Killer stuff for the ultimate back porch party.

SHAWN LANE-RICHARD BENNETT/Land and Harbor: Too bad it's just an ep, these back porch folkies just kill it. Tasty stuff that makes down home sound like the place to be, this trio has it all on the ball.
(Bonfire 5008)

JAKE BARTLEY BAND/Brotherhood: Catching themselves a piece of the classic Capricorn vibe, these mellow rocking white boys with the blues add their own special sauce to the proceedings and turn it all out nicely. With an after hours vibe running through it, this a right on set for people that just don't get started before midnight.
(Bonfire 5006)

Volume 43/Number 43
December 13, 2018
830 W. Route 22 #144
Lake Zurich, IL., 60047
CHRIS SPECTOR, Editor and Publisher
Copyright 2018 Midwest Record

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