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JORDAN PETTAY/First Fruit: We get a new flavor from this new saxy lady as she dedicates her debut to God but not in the usual knee jerk way, this set has lots of gospel and hymn melodies running through it . Even when she can play like a dirty girl, she keeps it holy but not holy roller. The spiritual and the secular come together nicely here as her charts chart the way to tomorrow. Sassy stuff regardless that gives the mainstream jazzbo his due deserts.
(Outside In 1803)

CHRISTIAN LI & MIKE BONO/Visitors: A solid set of improv jazz by a duo and their pals that have been at it long enough for telepathy to take over. Easy stuff to kick back with, this is some fine playing by some fine players that have probably put in their 10,000 hours to get here.
(Tone Rogue)

TERRY OHMS/Terry firma: A multi instrumentalist cat from Alabama with English pretensions shows how to be the whole show with some low key pop that slackers can get down with.
(Cornelius Chapel 28)

REIKO FUTING/Distant Song: An egghead deluxe set of contemporary classical featuring commissioned works by Futing and played by various ensembles. Often taking minimalism to extremes, this set is not for the contemporary classical tourist or snarkers who like to say "my kid could do that". This is a journey into art with a capital A as he explores the effect of memory in music.
(New Focus 216)

BEHN GILLECE/Parallel Universe: The vibealicious one sets sail to explore the introvert and extrovert sides of a musos personality. Playing big and bold most of the way through, it looks like he' s settled on showcasing that extrovert side, which he does with fine command. The whole gang gathers around to get some and you can tell a good time is had by all the swingers on board---as you will too.
(Posi-Tone 8190)

SUGARAY RAYFORD/Somebody Save Me: The nu soul/blues bad ass is back with a set that takes it right to after hours in the murky back alley world where razors probably come out at crap games. Down and dirty with so much grit you could probably make a case of Lava with the fall off, this is the primer on how to be a bad boy today. For the best in blues that have never been near a corn field, Rayford hit's the heights again.
(Forty Below 21)

KATIE HENRY/High Road: A straight ahead New York/Jersey rocking gal is here to get the party started. With audience pleasing moves that could only be learned by slugging it out in the trenches over too many night, this galloping gal delivers the goods throughout. A tasty treat with a crew that knows what gets a crowd going bringing up the rear in fine form.

Volume 43/Number 41
December 11, 2018
830 W. Route 22 #144
Lake Zurich, IL., 60047
CHRIS SPECTOR, Editor and Publisher
Copyright 2018 Midwest Record

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