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HAIKU PROJECT/Life: An impressionistic look at what goes one between being and not being, Henrik Hytteballe turns his new age ear toward off the beaten path matters like a cow coming in to being and turtles needed to be saved. With a religious undertone running through his compositions,, you can feel the sacred view he has for living things. Not egghead stuff at all, this is solid listening material that take s you to that peaceful viewing stand where you want to observe it all.
(Real Music 7275)

JOHN RAYMOND/Real Feels Live V. 2: The Real Feels crew packs it up for the road to document what they do in front of audiences and how the feed back feeds into it all. Fronting a trio that's far from chopped liver, there more than hitting all the right notes here as the brass ace shows what he's all about in any setting. If you've enjoyed his sitting down jazz in the past, this you-are-there experience will really bring it all home nicely.
(Sunnyside 1535)

JUAN FRANCISCO PADILLA/Rondena Del Siglo XIX: We've got no shortage of homegrown flamenco guitarists that are quite enjoyable and fill the bill but this set takes it all somewhere else indeed. Recorded on flamenco's home turf by a scholar in the subject, the set card here takes it all back to the beginning and gives a short form master class in the evolution of the style. Making the six strings an extension of his five fingers, Padilla shows how little it takes to make so much---when you have the skills. With no dust on it as it goes back centuries, this killer ear opener will drive the acoustic guitar fan nuts.
(Ibs Classical 162018)

ANA MARIA ALONSO/Alto Mystic: In which we find several stereotypes shattered as this solo viola ace plays the dickens out of a gaggle of contemporary classical pieces, most no more than 20 years old. She just plain nails it. Without any of the trappings of Sunday afternoon recital recording, this is not music to put you to sleep but it's not outlier stuff that angrys up the blood either. It's right on the money is what it is. A player that isn't playing around, Alonzo has it all on the ball. Hot stuff.
(Ibs Classical 192018)

AMETSETAN/Basque Songs: A passionate recording of material first given voice when the Basque region was in full flower. Feeling very much like a first class recital no matter what language the songs are in, talent and chops speak across all waters and walls. A highly enjoyable outing for those looking for a classy recording that'll make them feel like grown ups, this delightful ear opening, horizon expanding set creates a new high water mark for recital based records that really want to touch the listener.
(Ibs Classical 172018)

A/B TRIO/Trioliloquy: Progressive jazz cats with enough flying time under their belts to make this sound like something other than angry young men acting out show how to get it done right. Never failing to hit left of center goal posts, they have the chops to make it on chops alone but they add the special sauce liberally to the proceedings to make this a nicely cutting edge set that keeps your ears on their toes. Solid stuff for cats that never want to bore you.
(Chronograph 65)

MELODY GUY/Dry the Rivers: This real life hard bitten gal turns it up to prove that the tenth time is the charm. Since she lives on the road, she's going big here because there's no home to go back to and the raw knuckle passion hits hard track after track. With a great cast helping her out on both sides of the glass, this is real country without the sippy cups and solo cups---the kind you haven't heard in a while and are glad to hear again. Killer stuff throughout that never fails or flails.

NIECIE/Trouble With a Capital T: The blues rocking bad girl proudly wears the several decades she's been at this with a rollicking set that that drips with Allmania as well as the northern soul she's been steeped in as well. A delightful diversion that lets all boogie bears out of their cages for the party, this is a blueprint for how good times roll. Well done.
(Ride the Tiger 6980)

PETER DREW/And What's More: A delicious treat that underscores the art of the arranger. With some real jazz hitters on board playing outside their supposed comfort zones, the sound throughout is a gasser whether sounding like cartoon music or something else entirely. A different kind of jazz than what is usual these days, it's a trip beyond the pale well worth taking.

JOHN MAYALL/Nobody Told Me: Getting back to basics with a smattering of fun provided by a round up of old pros that know the moves, this is the kind of frat blues rock that never goes out of style---often the more basic the better. After all this time, Mayall doesn't have to do anything other than provide a good time and he does that like the old pro he is.
(Forty Below 22)

Volume 43/Number 40
December 10, 2018
830 W. Route 22 #144
Lake Zurich, IL., 60047
CHRIS SPECTOR, Editor and Publisher
Copyright 2018 Midwest Record

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