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JULIET SIMMONS DINALLO/Dream Girl: Tasty Americana folk heavily on the back porch, organic side that delivers the goods nicely. A pleasant, easily relatable set that goes down easy and leaves no after taste. Simply one of those fast balls down the middle that knows where the sweet spot is.
(BFD 140)

SETH ROSENBLOOM/Keep on Turning: You wouldn't really expect a white boy with the blues named Rosenbloom to be able to bend those strings with the best of them, especially at such an early age, but Rosenbloom/Bloomfield---it kind of all comes together at some flash point. Zesty stuff that opens jaded ears nicely, this is one smoking cat to keep an ear open for.

JOHNNY GRIFFITH QUINTET/Lion, Camel & Child: Gather some high flying Canadian jazzbos around the mic for another top flight flight, add some Jeremy Pelt, let the fur fly. Smoking sitting down jazz by some of the areas protean players, your ears are in good hands here as the sax man and his pals stand and deliver throughout.

MARY LOU NEWMARK/Room the Breathe: If Lindsay Sterling is product, Newmark is food. Some of the most exciting electric, eclectic violin music to come along since before Jean Luc Ponty first started seeing his recording budgets getting smaller, this set that leads you not to care whether it jazz, new age, world or contemporary classical, just plain takes listening music to the next level of the game. A real treat for those willing to turn their backs on the top 40, this engaging set delivers loads of sonic fulfillment. Killer stuff.
(Green Angel)

SOMETHING BLUE/Maximum Enjoyment: The label pulls together another amalgam group of the label's all stars for a post daddio 60s feeling date when jazz was still going to be cool even if it couldn't compete commercially with Beatles rolling over everything. A classy blowing date that feels like a lost session from the times, this is no homage to 60s daddio jazz--this is the real deal in real time. Hot stuff.
(Posi-Tone 8189)

SAM BROVERMAN/A Jewish Boy's Christmas: Except for the jazz leanings, this math teacher couldn't have more in common with Tom Lehrer if he intended it. A fun, left field take on what a Jew can do on Christmas beside order out Chinese, his humor is no one trick pony. Don't kvetch when you should be kvelling.

BOB DOROUGH TRIO/But Fro Now: Is it any wonder this guy had spirit enough to propel him into his 90s? Focusing on performance rather than parading some late period originals, this feels like one of those records that wasn't intended to be a record but we're glad it is anyway. With his trio keeping things tight and intimate, it's too bad he had to wait until he was dead to be named an NEA jazz master later in 2019. The ultimate middle class hipster, is this a vocal date from a pro or a master class for those who really want to learn and be real musos? Killer stuff throughout.
(Enja 9627)

YNANA ROSE/Tea Leaf Confessions: The best thing that could happen to this album is John Prine pulling off the dark horse Grammy win for album of the year. We like Americana best when it chooses to color outside the lines and this Americana lass has spent so much time off the grid in her life, the rest just comes naturally. Surrounding herself with session cats that define the current state of adult listening, the result here is back porch/back 40 music that grabs the soul and doesn't let go. Finely crafted so much so that you can't hear the craft at work and leaving out all the boring parts that too often mar recordings like this, this has all the makings of an under the radar classic. Well done.
(Ynana Rose 1)

JENTSCH GROUP NO NET/Topics in American History: Given rise by a commission from Chamber Music America, this is set some truly first class egghead chamber jazz that tells a story. An impressionistic set that shows guitar man Jentsch earns his money the hard way---by really putting in the time and exercising the chops, this broadly sweeping set is highly recommended for any fans for sitting down listening music. Some stuff defies all boundaries and this is one of that sets that grandly knows how to chart it's own course without losing you in the process.
(Blue Schist)

ERIN HARPE & the Delta Swingers/Christmas Swing: A smoking, sexy, sassy dose of jumping blues for Christmas, this set is sure to set the standard for all comers that want to spread holiday cheer without getting sappy about it. Carving out it's own holiday niche, this is a must for all holiday drop outs that are busy making their own extended families this year. Well done.
(Juicy Juju 3)

Volume 42/Number 31
December 1, 2018
830 W. Route 22 #144
Lake Zurich, IL., 60047
CHRIS SPECTOR, Editor and Publisher
Copyright 2018 Midwest Record

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