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CLAUDIO CONSTANTINI/America: The joys of simplicity with it's hidden complexities. A solo piano set from a Spanish cat that casts his gaze across the pond to North and South America with a particular focus on Gershwin and Piazzolla hitting their hallmark works. Adding just the right amount of personality and special sauce to carry these works through the no attention span/no memory times we live in, this is loaded with so much flair and style, as well as talent and chops, that these chestnuts sound new and vital all over again. A first rate sitting down listening date for high minded times, this is a golden set not to be missed. Well done throughout.
(Ibs 142018)

GUSTAVO DIAZ-JEREZ/Metaludios: A self contained contemporary classic engine, Diaz-Jerez crates his own words, does his own writing and playing and intends this initial offering of his works to serve as a starting point as opposed to a definitive interpretation. Composing his piano works as books, this is the first series of his ‘books' with more promised to be on the way. Setting a course for classical works to be consumed in pop music sized pieces, you can see how eggheads will be inspired to create their own top 40s of original works going forward crafting the warhorse repertoires of tomorrow. There's a lot gong on here for just one man and one keyboard.
(Ibs 182018)

YUKO YAMAOKA/Plays the Music of Satoko Fujii-Diary 2005-2015: Every time she sits down at the piano, Fujii spends 15 minutes composing something new. Here we find one of her admirers sifting through over 100 of those compositions to fill out this double cd with the eggs as they are literally bursting from their shells. Stripped to their essence and presented often before Fujii even knows what she's going to do with them, uber fans will recognize nascent works as they are launched to eventual fruition. A real treasure trove for progressive jazz piano freaks.

ERNIE KOVACS/Centennial Edition: The sad thing about one of television's original funny men was that he died just as he was really getting started. One of the first to embrace the tube as a member of his entourage, Kovacs jostles the airwaves with repercussions still felt today as this 9 disc/22 hour retrospective will attest. Combining other DVD releases into this one with more on board, this centennial edition that presages his 100th birthday in 2019 will make your sides aches even if you are a snob about watching old stuff made in black and white. A laugh riot is where this look at this protean madman begins. The perfect topper to hit comedy know it alls in the face with, this set is sure to cement Kovacs reputation as one of the comedy greats in the minds of all. Hot stuff.
(Shout! Factory 19169

Volume 42/Number 17
November 17, 2018
830 W. Route 22 #144
Lake Zurich, IL., 60047
CHRIS SPECTOR, Editor and Publisher
Copyright 2018 Midwest Record

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