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MS ZENO THE MOJO QUEEN/Back in Love: The Memphis soul/blues queen serves it up hot here. With a voice that could easily have her doubling for Tina Turner in all her down home glory, this is such a hot slice of the real deal that you will be coming back for seconds. Hard and heavy throughout, this charmer has got it down so well she could deliver the goods in her sleep but probably would never short her audience in that way. Well done throughout.
(Blue Lotus 5)

FRED HERSCH TRIO 97/@ the Village Vanguard: Like one of those live Miles dates that surfaces with a well chopped bunch that never made any studio recordings, this 1997 date finds Hersch with one of this top trios that never made any recordings together. Culled from his first stint in what has become an annual tradition, he might have been sort of wet behind the ears just breaking of his sideman role, but he wasn't wet behind the ears at all. Bristling with youthful energy that had to be released at some time or another, fans of the energy Hersch gets at the Vanguard will be bowled over with how it all began. Hot stuff and an hour of magic.

DAN ARAN/New York Family: A variation of the old 70s thing of everybody playing on everybody else's record, this set finds Aran kicking it out with people he's either known forever or met after moving to New York and all working together in fluid arrangements over time. The simpatico powers this date along nicely. More like a bunch of old pals playing for the joy of it rather than swinging for the fences, the camaraderie makes you feel like an old pal too, falling right into the vibe and groove. Solid work that works.
(Whistling Puffer Fish)

GABRIEL ESPINOSA/Nostalgias de mi Vida: The Mexican bass ace says he's nostalgic for the old days of what has been but instead of a samba/Latin date, he comes in with a dandy smooth jazz set loaded with New York ringers that make it feel like he's looking forward rather than backward. Letting everyone on board get some, this is a wonderful date to chase away the winter blues and bring summer back into focus. Well done and sweet throughout.
(Zoho 201809)

TED PILTZECKER/Brindica: The vibe meister's latest set finds him cashing in his frequent flyer miles for his most eclectic set yet that finds him drawing in influences across time and tide for a wild and woolly set that'll never be mistaken for background music. Exciting throughout, this ear dazzler fills you with a world full of jazz without having to leave your armchair. Tasty throughout, I wish the carpenter doing home repairs for me could hammer away this nicely. Oh, yeah!
(Zoho 201810)

HOT CLUB OF SAN FRANCISCO/30 Years: If you're going to call yourself the hot club of anything, you better have the love for Djang and Steve front and center with the chops to back it up. Pretty much founded 30 years ago in a musical wilderness, this crew not only has kept it tight and together for the last three decades, they assert they are just getting started. Guess that makes us the lucky ones. They keep it firmly in the pocket but aren't slaves to the rhythm. Simply a dazzling set that should be on every adult's play list.
(Hot Club 2705)

IRIS ORNIG/Storyteller: The transplanted German bass lass has fully made herself at home in New York and reflects the energy of her environment with original and spirited writing and playing. Taking jazz on a special journey here, her crème can't help but to rise to the top of the real jazz world. A totally tasty treat, this set is a high water mark for current listening dates out to set new standards. Hot stuff.
(IOM 1809)

VERTACYN ARC MATERIALIZER/Tasting the Sea: Long live Hardy Fox. After deconstructing the Beatles and Stones in one fell swoop, they go on to deconstruct industrial noize in a way that would make Zappa proud in his most hippie hating moments. Great listening for malcontents that aren't too cool for school, this mind bending/mind blowing stuff takes you to the other side of places you've only heard in dreams. Must listening for those that have just simply had it.
(10 Gev 24)

GLIMR/Echo: To those who think the 50th anni of "White Album" is a shuck, this set, recorded to 70,000 empty seats at Candlestick Park where Beatles finished a tour in the 60s, is the right stuff. Experimental rock that you might not need acid to appreciate, don't be too surprised if the next kid that shoots up a high school has a copy of this in his back pack.
(10 Gev 23)

ADAM HOPKINS/Crickets: Young Brooklyn experimental jazzbos like to make it leading edge without crossing the line into pots and pans music. Creative and inspired by punk rock energy, there's a lot of cool things going on here well worth taking notice of. An accomplished debut, when cats can work this well off the clock and on their own, it's obvious great things lie ahead. Check it out.
(Out of Your Head)

Volume 42/Number 16
November 16, 2018
830 W. Route 22 #144
Lake Zurich, IL., 60047
CHRIS SPECTOR, Editor and Publisher
Copyright 2018 Midwest Record

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