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MARIA MULDAUR/Don't You Feel My Leg: My goodness, has it really been 45 years since Muldaur and Bonnie Riatt were introducing us to the back pages of Blue Lu Barker, Memphis Minnie and Sippie Wallace whose lyrics were loaded with double entendres we didn't understand the need for? Well, it has been 45 years since Muldaur first seduced us in the desert and backed it up with Blue Lu's entreaty, fleshed out here to a full disc of 100 year old classics of then bawdiness. With a crew that sounds like they were once Woodstock hippies giving her the old timey setting these tunes demand, this set is a show in itself. Sizzling and sassy throughout, la Muldaur still has it. Hot stuff on stuff she feels on the natch.
(Last Music Co 210)

THE 14 JAZZ ORCHESTRA/The Future Ain't What it Used to Be: Led by Dan Bonsanti, this big band is powered by the jazzbos that were lurking in the background of too many of your fave records, whether jazz or pop/rock, and they deliver here as always. The set card is loaded with little switch ups you wouldn't expect and they are all delivered with energy and passion that never flags. Not letting too much accent on chops get in the way of a good time, this is a bunch of pros doing what they like to do best. A real hot time in the old town tonight.

KITKA/Evening Star: The chanting women of the Bay area return with another set of chants that celebrate winter, which they enjoy because it signals the days are getting longer, all of which are sung is foreign tongues mostly originating from Eastern Europe. Certainly a high water mark in the girl friend music genre, their voices could handle anything but they meld so sweetly here that even the hardest rocker could appreciate this around the holidays with a few drinks under his belt. An interesting display of the softer side of feminine energy.
(Diaphonica 2018)

JAZZ CRUSADERS/Classic Pacific Jazz Albums: The 8 albums here from the start of their career show that Houston wasn't gong to hold these church lads once they made up their minds to conquer LA no matter what the sacrifices. There would be no turning back except to visit family for the holidays. The result was something so fresh that it still sounds fresh today, the better part of 60 years later. Mixing all their influences together they became leaders in early 60s soul jazz and crafted a vibe so strong they were still working it when most of them died. Killer stuff throughout that really set the standard, it's funny now to think they chose their name as a take off on the already established Jazz Messengers. Such go the clicks on the wheel. Killer stuff modern jazzbo ears will still enjoy today, for sure. (Maybe it's also time to Lionize Dick Bock a little bit).
(Enlightenment 9153)

RANDY McALLISTER/Triggers Be Trippin: Blues and roots from East Texas, this white boy with the blues has been at it so long that he couldn't make a false move if he tried. The real deal cut from the true vine no matter where life has taken him, this cat and his crew simply know how to tear it up. With enough rock in the mix to almost obscure his blues roots to the casual ear, there's something here for everyone and it all adds up to a high octane, good time. Blistering.

NATHAN DAVIS/Hagoromo: This is what separates the man from the manqué. While this score from a dance opera about mystical realms could easily be characterized as pots and pans music, the chops are so evident and deep that you'd look like a fool to go with that characterization. Ears already tuned up by by cats like Steve Reich will get it on the first spin. A deft work you'd think you have to be overly left leaning to appreciate, this set is the exception to the rule about the skills you'd need to have to appreciate experimental music. Winning stuff any one with open ears should give a shot to.
(New Focus 9)

ANDREA SUPERSTEIN/Worlds Apart: A jazz thrush for pomo times, she honed her chops in musical theater instead singing into her hair brush in front of the mirror. Once meeting the classic thrush tunes and filtering them through her life and times, she meets the future head on with an original lounge set for millenials. Delivering the goods and always on the money, this is a first rate modern set for modern times.

SHAW DAVIS & the Black Ties/Tales from the West: The hard charging, rising blues rocker leads his trio through a blistering set that shows he never heard of sophomore jinx. Tipping his hand that he's charting a course of being a road warrior that lights up the night, this hard hitting set defies fashion and conventional wisdom simply by being incendiary. Hot stuff throughout. (All that and a smoking Zappa cover as well).
(Chin Music)

Volume 42/Number 10
November 10, 2018
830 W. Route 22 #144
Lake Zurich, IL., 60047
CHRIS SPECTOR, Editor and Publisher
Copyright 2018 Midwest Record

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