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ILHAN ERSAHIN/Solar Plexus: A space rock journey to the sun inspired by sci-fi pic soundtracks and recorded in Istanbul as part of an on going series of locally produced music? You bet. The wildly creative cats on board here approach prog from another direction and give you cinematic music for your head. Wild stuff for the egghead dreamer that can't sit still, this trip to the sun is sure to brighten their day.

GIL DEFAY/It's All Love: An in demand New York trumpet session cat steps out with a bopping, bouncing fun jazz set powered by love and good vibes, all of which he puts front and center. A smoking little party set whose message is to enjoy yourself, Defay seems to practice what he preaches. Solid stuff throughout.
(Gil XL)

PLANET RADIO/Stay Awake: A bunch of musical educators that like to get funky when off the clock serve up some pomo funk for white people that all too often engage in the white guy dance. Not letting being educators mess with their heads, this is the future of millennial funk. And now for something completely different.
(Planet Radio)

KELLY GREEN TRIO/Volume One: The singing pianist serves up her second set with her long time trio instead of the ringers that ringed around her debut and the comfort zone shows well. Working it out on chestnuts, this thrush is no bird in a gilded cage as she lets it out when needed and doesn't hold back. A nice refashioning of a handful of oldies, she bridges the generations nicely.
(KG Music 1002)

GABRIEL ZUCKER/Weighting: If it's released on ESP, you know exactly what you are getting and Zucker doesn't disappoint on that front. Avant garde music that goes it's own way and is sure to be a hit in highly left leaning circles, some people will use this as party music, some people will use it to let the guests know the party is over. Choose your side.
(ESP Disk' 5027)

RALPH PETERSON'S AGGREEGATE PRIME/Inward Venture: A crew with cats with chops that are too hard to ignore, the gangs stirs it up in fine form here vibing the time frame from when daddio jazz met civil rights jazz and the church basements were swinging and grooving all night long. Purely hot stuff for the discerning jazzbo, this gang knows how to play at the top of their form at the drop of a hat. Smoking stuff throughout that never lets you down.

EDEN BAREKET TRIO/Night: A young sax trio that knows how it is to sound like you're playing under the bridge, they let the late night New York vibe fly hitting notes just short of skronk. With a vibe that can turn any day part in to after hours, these cats have what it takes to blow up a storm with nary a cloud in sight.
(Fresh Sound New Talent 565)

ERALDO BERNOCCHI/Like a Fire that Consumes All Before It: An ambient soundtrack for a documentary about a mid century artist that influenced the high fliers that came after him, this is the kind of cleffer that can stand on it's own away from the pic with genre fans that don't next external stimuli to get the point. Taking the drone out of ambient, this is actually a pretty lively set that can easily be used for contemporary mood music as well. Different and engaging.
(Rare Noise 99)

ANGUISH: A multi generational crew of hell raisers are given free reign here craft a work that sounds like an amalgam of the differing views of hell their lives, times and cultures mandate. Post apocalyptic sounds crash throughout making this the malcontent's top ten set for the ages.
(Rare Noise 100)

GIL EVANS ORCHESTRA/Hidden Treasures Monday Nights Vol. 1: He might have lived in a basement apartment Manhattan with a lot more cache than cash but that shows how money and influence aren't the same thing. A tribute to his Monday night sets at Sweet Basil, killer New York jazzbos rally around the Pledge Music tent pole to bring it all back--with a bunch of new tunes in the spirit and tradition. Solid jazzbo stuff sure to show the young ‘uns why the oldsters can be so grumpy about what we get today, this is the real deal. Totally killer stuff throughout.
(Bopper Spock Suns Music 34752)

Volume 42/Number 9
November 9, 2018
830 W. Route 22 #144
Lake Zurich, IL., 60047
CHRIS SPECTOR, Editor and Publisher
Copyright 2018 Midwest Record

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