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JORGE NILA/Tenor Time: When you start with a good concept, good material, sidemen who care and well versed chops, all that makes the difference between a gift shop record and a real blowing date. This tenor sax man calls in the Jersey cats who swing for this tribute to the tenor masters. Not an effort to cover the whole waterfront, this is just a tour de force remembering cats who are getting dangerously close to being forgotten with real zest. Daddio all the way, this is a real treat that hits all the right notes.
(Ninjazz 1)

JACK MOUSE GROUP/Intimate Adversary: The drummer isn't as improvsy as he was on his last two dates but he ups the swing as a result. If the church he says he used to hang out in front of to hear them go to town was in Evanston, we have a lot more in common that we might have thought. Hot happening jazz from him and his long time crew, it's a solid date that just doesn't quit or let you down. Loaded with can't miss stuff.
(Tall Grass 8284)

CHRISTOPHER HOLLYDAY/Telepathy: So what's a quarter century away as a leader among bopping friends? The sax man steps up like he never stepped away and delivers the daddio on a bunch of cuts by a selection of his fave masters of the ax. Hard blowing, hard bopping, this is too much hard stuff for the average hipster to handle leaving more for the real daddios to dig the most. Real jazz for real ears.

41.9/Mr. Astute Trousers: Looking like old hippies but being left leaning prog rockers to the core, this is kind of a low key outing but prog nonetheless. Often a genre busting presentation, you don't have to ponder the mysteries of the universe to go along for this wild ride. Concepts that make your head spin runs the table here.
(Highlander Company 2)

NORDIC AFFECT/He(a)r: Are they chamber music from Mars? Nu cool school jazz? Sonic explorers? Does it matter? Focusing on five compositions commissioned from 5 women composers in the here and now, this is that kind of left leaning ECM art jazz that lives forever whether making a large ripple on impact or not. An inspiration to art chicks everywhere on how not to be precious but still make your point indelibly, those with open ears to new experiences and the future will get this immediately and enjoy the ride. Hot stuff. It also comes packaged with an audiophile version of the same material as on the cd.
(Sono Luminus 92224)

JAE SINNETT/Americana Groove Project: A jazzbo drummer with his own ideas on just what Americana is, since he's got the soul, let's his ideas fly which show his thoughts are no less valid than everyone else's. Taking Motown, Stax and more and modernizing it for contemporary ears---just using the source vibes and not the source material, and he shows that a groove is a groove. An interesting diversion with even some hippie/beatnik moves in the mix as well.

RACHEL WISE/Southern Life: This Mississippi native makes Gretchen Wilson positively sound like a dazzling urbanite. Deeply steeped in a combination of southern rock and country, this is a debut that catches you off guard and totally by surprise. Loads of bombast that works because it feels natural instead of contrived, you believe she's got both hell hounds and Jesus on her tail Wild stuff that hit's the spot.

JANN KLOSE/In Tandem: Modern pop from South Africa by a cat that's nailed it there and is looking to nail it here as well. Pleasing enough to make waves at Hot AC here, it's nice in the pocket stuff that soccer moms will enjoy once she drops the kids off everywhere. Pleasing and professional, it's a smart case of all the right moves in all the right places, including a guest list that will appeal to modern, mature tastes. Check it out.
(Gallo 1805)

MATT ULERY/Sifting Stars: Mainstay Chicago bass ace turns away from jazz for a bit here to explore art music and life's great concepts. Not left leaning, just out of the ordinary, Ulery flexes with supports from state art's councils and shows them that exploring the corners is not a lost cause or exercise in futility. Certainly not for everyone, this is a show of creativity running wild but not running amok.
(Woolgathering 5)

TIM HALDERMAN/Open Water as a Child: Originally a performance piece for the Ann Arbor Blues & Jazz Festival, it's been committed to byte here as a prayer for their friends in Flint, MI. The white version of civil rights jazz, it shows that everyone has a complaint and every which way we turn, the complaints just seem to pile up higher. A must for the malcontent.
(Woolgathering 6)

RUSS JOHNSON/Headlands: Kind of art jazz for nu ears, this commissioned work brings New York angularity to Chicago church basements where the intermingling of ideas makes something new and different that it might take a while to give you a light bulb moment. Left leaning without being racket, those who dig their jazz sitting down with a side order of egghead are advised to order this from their menu.
(Woolgathering 7)

NARCOS season three: This based on a true story series might have started with Pablo Escobar, but where it will end, nobody knows---what an ace in the hole for the show runners. Stepping up to the Cali Cartel who filled the void in filling the drug traffic void, the blood, guts, anger, aggression and vicarious thrills are loaded in season three---and we're still along way from hitting this century in real time. This is the kind of stuff that fuels the new golden age of TV. Killer stuff.

Volume 42/Number 2
November 2, 2018
830 W. Route 22 #144
Lake Zurich, IL., 60047
CHRIS SPECTOR, Editor and Publisher
Copyright 2018 Midwest Record

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