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GAETANO LETIZIA Underworld Blues Rock Band/Beatles Blues Blast: White boys with the blues from Cleveland now in their emeritus years show that in the right hands, you can play with Beatles music anyway you want and it'll all make everyone look good in the end. Celebrating their back pages in fine style, this blues rock trio loves leaving their fingerprints on the classics and any completist won't have a moment's hesitation about putting their high sign here. Fun stuff with just the right touch.

PETER V BLUES TRAIN/Shaken but Not Deterred: These New York white boys with the blues come along with a lot of meat and potatoes moves but they liberally add the special sauce giving them that cut above vibe. Experts at choogling along at just the right pace, this is a party crew that honed their sound on the road giving you just what you need a the end of a long week to forget it all. Burning the high octane stuff as they go, this bunch has it all on the ball as they come back with their second recording after a short breather.

PREDICATE TRIO/Making Bones: Downtown sax man Josh Sinton pushes the envelope once again in his new aggregation that makes music for daddio hipsters hitting jazz clubs on Mars. The perfect soundtrack for a modern Maynard G. Krebs trying to spout profound poetry, this is a modern return to 60s outlier sounds.
(Iluso 14)

IN LAYMAN TERMS/Strong Roots: A bunch of white kids with the blues filtered through Nawlins vibes make a delightful noise as they raise the roof with a somewhat stripped down fashion. Letting the good times roll easily, the singer at the core of this crew is going to be using those chops to fell mighty oaks in due course. Keep an eye on this bunch.
(Endless Blues)

JIM DAN DEE: Canadian blues rockers that seem to never have met some bombast they didn't like, they know how to crank it up and let the sonic assault hit you right in the labonza. Embracing showmanship as well as volume, raging hormones in the suburbs with no place to let them loose have some new fist pumping pals here to help them out.

WAY NORTH/Fearless and Kind: Canadian jazzbos that found a common ground in Brooklyn (their sound will make that fact obvious) take a kitchen sink/chicken fat approach to good time jazz and the salmagundi ensuing is irresistible. There's roots, jazz, hokum and everything else you could want as these award nominees are going for the gold this time around. Humorous but not a gaggle of pomo joke riffs, this is a supreme party platter that knocks you off your pins with a roundhouse right and then helps you back up so you don't miss a thing. Killer stuff throughout.
(Way North 2)

LAWEFUL CITIZEN/Internal Combustion: Canadian jazzbos with an appreciation and affection for the Four Brothers sound show their love without getting misty eyed over it. Skewing toward to the more outré edges of the sound, this debut will be a real treat for the dyed in the wool jazzbo that wonders why they don't make ‘em like they used to anymore. Creative with solid chops leading the way, this is a magical set that hit's the spot.

APPLESEED'S 21st ANNIVERSARY-Roots and Branches/various: The label's 21st anniversary pat on the back to itself will leave you momentarily speechless as you search for how may ways you can say ‘magnificent'. Originally started with good intentions and a place to give Pete Seeger a late career platform, Appleseed has emerged as the standard bearer for top shelf/first call folk music eschewing every hoary cliché comedians associate with the genre. With a social conscious and a place for greats beyond Seeger to have a platform as well, this 3 cd set will leave you breathless, hungry and thirsty for more. Distilling the best of the best and including some unreleased cuts by some dear departeds, you just can't call yourself a modern folk music fan without having a copy of this on conspicuous display. A bar raising, high water mark collection, lo fi fans, organic fans and back porch fans can rally with their folkie pals in enjoying this set and spreading the word about just how lively the back 40 is. Killer stuff throughout.
(Appleseed 1142)

MARTIJN BARRE/Roads Less Traveled: Despite being the owner of some of Jethro Toll's career defining guitar licks, it seems like a dirty little secret of just how many folkies passed through Tull's door. A folk rock set that could easily be at home with anything from Fairport or Pentangle, this bright rocker is a solid work from a cat that doesn't want to be remembered at any point of his career with having any dust on him. Secure in his place as one of rock's more influential guitarists, Barre keeps going forward in fine style continuing to make music that's right on point. Well done.
(Cleopatra/Purple Pyramid 1011)

IAC ARTISTS RE4LEASE SAMPLER 2018/Various: An eclectic new label focusing on audiophile efforts from NoCal players lets it's initial releases shine here with a few tracks from each of their initial slate. With a vibe that's distinctly Marin County 70s, it's an era and ethos well worth remembering. A solid collection that welcomes you to dig deeper.
(IAC 81020101)

Number 41/Number 358
October 24, 2018
830 W. Route 22 #144
Lake Zurich, IL., 60047
CHRIS SPECTOR, Editor and Publisher
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