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LAURIE JANE & THE 45S/Late Last Night-Elixir of Sara Martin: Some of the stuff here is so old, John Hartford thought it was pubic domain 45 years ago. Like Maria Muldaur and Rory Block, this white girl with the blues is into taking trips down memory lane to bring timeless music back into focus, the case here being Louisville prohibition era thrush, Sara Martin. Revving it up in fine style with no dust on it, Jane and the gang rollick and roll through the tunes with style and aplomb that is the real bomb. Whatever Lavay Smith started rolls on mightily here. Well done.
(Down in the Alley)

MATHEW ROSENBLUM/Lament-Witches' Sabbath: Massive egghead stuff here as the lead man on this set goes deep into his own back pages as he documents his family's escape from Russia a hundred years ago. As indigenous as it gets while still being left leaning, this is the kind of music that goes down well with documentary fans.
(New Focus 219)

CRAIG BICKHARDT/Home for the Harvest: It might just be him that he reminds me of, but there's something in the latest from this Nashville vet that feels like something else. A stellar folkie singer/songwriter set from a cat that always liked to march to his own beat even when he was feeding the machine, this is the kind of personal set these kind of cats have lurking in them that seems to reach farther and firmer than the hits they were known for. A personal set great for musos craving the one to one experience easily obtainable from before the times music became product. Hot stuff.
(Stone Barn 1010)

DAN ADLER/Friends on the Moon: The guitar man and his well chopped pals serve up a jazz quartet date where the message is ‘dig it'. A perfect example of the kind of music you can feel, they ask nothing of you except to sit back and enjoy it. A swinging, jumping date that has the feel of a boat ride you can enjoy because you have none of the expenses that go with owning a boat, this is the sound of feeling good in case you forgot what that was. Hot stuff throughout.

AMU/Weave: A cd-dvd package that continues Satoko Fujii celebration of her 60th birthday, this time around she teams her new quartet up with a dancer, hence the visual side of the package. Keeping it as minimal as ever, she shows no sign of slowing down or making gift shop records any time soon.
(Libra 204051/2)

DEBORAH "LA COCODRILA" DE LA TORRE/Cono (But With a Swing): Maybe it's the Latin jazz, maybe it's De La Torre herself or maybe it's both but something that didn't serve new age well was every bored middle aged mommy noodling on her Casio for her friends who thought she was a genius while whiling away the afternoon crocked on cheap red wine. De La Torre swings, often to the metronome inside her head whose sound and shape shifting keeps the music interesting throughout. Clearly Latin but not overly ethnically so, this is a solid round up of spirited jazzy stuff that'll get your toe tapping without you even knowing it. Well rounded and well played, this is a winner of a date.
(DLT Creative)

ANNIE CHEN OCTET/Secret Treetop: Art chick meets egghead as this vocalist that wants to mix master all her experiences all at once finds a new way for the tortured artist effect to manifest itself. Girl friend music for offbeat girl friends.

KILLSMITH/Halloween-Best of Killsmith 2008-2018 10th Anniversary Edition: Young, pissed off and male? Neal Smith is more than happy and able to be your Judy Blume and let you know you aren't alone out there in the suburbs. Loaded with buzz saw overkill and dripping with venom, when you listen to this you'll be letting them know they'll all be sorry.

Number 41/Number 353
October 19, 2018
830 W. Route 22 #144
Lake Zurich, IL., 60047
CHRIS SPECTOR, Editor and Publisher
Copyright 2018 Midwest Record

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