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COWBOYS FROM HELL/Running Man: After a long period of being in the pocket of Zappa's jazz from hell, the young hell raisers have grown up and now want to show the chops behind the show. Still in touch with their hell raising side, they haven't lost a step, they just like to make their footfalls more secure and sure these days. Still a crew for left leaning, forward thinkers, their ear opening ways are still firmly in control of the core.
(Double Moon 71199)

MAIL KRAHL QUARTET/Decidophobia: Still a young lion, the trumpeter shows that he is at a cross roads and has to make decisions. Should he be modal? Should he be daddio? Should he be a space man? Which way to go, hence the fear of decisions in the title. It seems like any which way he wants to go will be fulfilling. A solidly skilled leader, Krahl is surer of himself that he thinks he is as this set is entertaining and engrossing throughout. A winning date.
(Double Moon 71350 Jazz Thing Next Generation V. 75)

JOE HAIDER TRIO/Waltz For Ever: A piano man that was born before the second world war merges Euro and Afro American sensitivities into a collection of waltzes that finds him waltzing to the end of time (ala Leonard Cohen?) as it seems like he's run out of wives to compose for. Not playing like an old man but a skilled cat savoring each note before letting it go, Haider makes waltzes for sitting down listeners, maybe his only concession to age. Wonderful listening jazz by a trio that really knows the score.
(Double Moon 71351)

BIRGITTA FLICK QUARTET/Color Studies: The saxy lady is still keeping it left leaning and progressive but there seems to be some ECM creeping into her Nordic soul giving the soundscapes a different hue. Of course, ECM has been creeping into Norway, so... Progressive ears know she's a name they can trust no matter where the path leads.
(Double Moon 71353)

CHRIS PASIN/Ornetteiquette: I'd say Pasin is doing Ornette Coleman like you've never heard him, but Pasin's aim is true and he keeps it in the pocket. Focusing on Coleman's work with Don Cherry, the Pulitzer Prize winner can be glad to hear recognition from the man hasn't dampened what he was all about way back when. A solid bet for Coleman fans and progressive ears on the prowl.
(Planet Arts 301820)

JASON KAO HWANG BURNING BRIDGE/Blood: The avant garde violinist keeps it left leaning and looking forward in his mediation about the flowing of blood. One of the impressionistic recordings that makes it's intention clear as opposed to interpretation, this is a really out there session that fuses so many left leaning elements, even the malcontent's head will spin.

Number 41/Number 351
October 17, 2018
830 W. Route 22 #144
Lake Zurich, IL., 60047
CHRIS SPECTOR, Editor and Publisher
Copyright 2018 Midwest Record

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