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ANTHONY GOMES/Peace, Love & Loud Guitars: A guitar slinging, award winning blues scholar takes modern blues way beyond the established points of white boys with the blues into a whole new realm entirely. High octane stuff attracting a wide range of various talents, particularly for an indie release, Gomes sets the new high water mark for the genre. Mashing up and genre splicing like a skilled surgeon, Gomes' blues rock hits the heights and delights. Killer stuff.
((Up 2 Zero 1123)

KENT MILLER QUARTET/Sunday Evenin': One thing you're sure to dig about this jumping combo is they sound like they could have been the back up band on Tom Waits' "Nighthawks at the Diner" if they were really given the chance to open things up. A wild and wily bunch of post bopping daddios, this crew is running on rocket fuel keeping it hot and happening at all times. A real jazzbo delight.

CHRISTOPHER HOLLYDAY/Telepathy: Jazzbos that have been at it for a while with nothing to prove let loose with a swinging set commanded by the sax leader who simply wants to let the fur fly. A stellar sitting down, listening date it's best if you just sit back and leave the driving to them. Hot stuff throughout that never fails you.

TRIO WORK: When the newest song on a set by three vet jazzbos was written by Beatles, you know you have a set of them working out on standards. A jazz vocal trio that keeps it simple, there's nothing here but tasty elegance served right. This set can exist in the background of what ever you happen to be doing at the time, but don't be surprised if it doesn't stay there. Well done.
(Green Gig 34)

TAYLOR BARTON/House of Light: She wrote her first song in the back of Dylan's tour bus, her producer is Patti Smith's band leader and her husband is the guitarist in the SNL band that makes faces. What would you expect here? She manages to defy those expectations no matter what they are. A very personal album created while the principals were swaddled in miasma, this is anything but a passel of millennial moping. With traces of a lot of stuff running through it all, this award winning songwriter certainly delivered the kind of set that brings it all back home. Check it out.
(Green Mirror)

OZAN AKSOY/Ozan: So, suppose you were jonesing a flamenco record but wanted it to have a different flavor. How about if it came from the Steppes? Here we find an indigenous, Kurdish take on the sound with indigenous instruments as well. A wild ear opening sound that shows how much is still out there to be explored, it's sure to give you a solid rush, even when you don't know what he's singing about. Check it out.

DIANE HOFFMAN/Do I Love You: A swinging jazz vocalist that owns it in the northeast dedicates a love song album to her new grand child. Piloted by Ulysses Owens and his hand picked crew of New Yorkers that know the score, the work out on this set of chestnuts is right on the money throughout. Tasty stuff for jazz vocal fans that want it real.
(Are Group)

Number 41/Number 344
October 10, 2018
830 W. Route 22 #144
Lake Zurich, IL., 60047
CHRIS SPECTOR, Editor and Publisher
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