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PATRICK GRANT/Fields Amaze and Other Strange Music: It's easy to accuse someone of making pots and pans music when they are young and under the spell of Philip Glass and John Cage but then how to you reconcile it when they put those same chops into the service of Robert Fripp and Quincy Jones? A hard core left fielder now celebrating the 20th anni of his debut release, the album might be tarted up for contemporary ears but you can hear a mash up of Andy Narell and Bernie Krause here more than you can the smatterings of a rebel without a clue. The creator of Strange Music Day, if you couldn't hear him as an innovator then, you can't mistake it now. More suited to outside the lines pursuits than mainstream acceptance, this is the kind of stuff the mainstream can embrace when presented the right way, like in soundtracks. If you want to paint him as a weirdo, we're glad to be along for the ride.
(Peppergreen Media 1801)

TILTED AXES/Music for Mobile Electric Guitars: Subsuming himself into a group context, Patrick Grant could make a living creating soundscapes for proto arena rockers that want to have some sound and fury behind them that makes it seem like they've already arrived. Running right out of the box with a set of kick ass amphitheater guitar moves, most right on rockers couldn't rock so righteously. And this is supposed to be infused with punk spirit? Must be some New York pomo move we're not getting. Shredding fans are going to have their ears turned in wild new directions here. Hot.
(Peppergreen Media 1601)

PATRICK GRANT/A Sequence of Waves: Is it classical or is it something else? Perhaps a chamber music session for a Sunday afternoon on Mars? With it's otherworldly touches, the creativity on parade here is boundless and limitless taking wild twists and turns as it draws you in to it's internal world. A first class ear opener for the left leaning, listening to out of the ordinary stuff like this is sure to leave you and your perceptions changed for the better. Wild.
(Peppergreen Media 1701)

Number 41/Number 338
October 4, 2018
830 W. Route 22 #144
Lake Zurich, IL., 60047
CHRIS SPECTOR, Editor and Publisher
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