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BBB FEATURING BERNIE DRESEL/Bern Bern Bern: With just the right smidge of special sauce messing with the time-space continuum, this cat coulda shoulda woulda been Hal Blaine's doppelganger/alter ego in the Wrecking Crew. A big band cat that can swing his hammer like he's Thor, he's swung mightily for absolutely everyone. Leading a big old bunch through a massive array of tunes on this audiophile recording, you just can't help but to love it. A solid recording that commands your attention throughout, there's no way you can call this anything but a note perfect killer. Top shelf all the way.
(Dig It)

BILL STEWART/Band Menu: What can you say about Scoey's long time drummer taking off with a trio of leaders that just want to work out a thing or two. How about ‘this is what they can do in tier off hours?' An intimate, daddio feeling date that finds them teaching hipsters a thing or two about real jazz, there's a lot of how 52nd St sounded here before they were born. A sweet after hours kind of date, this is a snapshot of how nice it is when no one is telling pros how to do it letting them take you places you didn't even know you wanted to go.

ORKESTRA EUSTORIA/Hyper Giant Hi Fi: You might not know the established players on board here unless you are really too cool for school, but they spring from Astoria which has the Guinness Book of Records distinction for being the most ethnically diverse place on the planet. All that and David Binney jumped in to produce. Surprisingly unhipster despite the pedigrees of those on board, it is a progressive date that does requite you to hang on to your hat as the thrills and spills flow freely. A must for those looking for a wild ride, it's sit well with ears that need to be blown open.

MONKIA WALL/Earth: A modern cool jazz vocalist that'll not only have you feeling Norah Jones but have you feeling how important Arif Mardin was to Norah Jones. And this sister is doing it for herself. It might take a minute for her uniqueness to sink in through this over communicated world, but once it does, you'll wonder where she's been all your life. Solid stuff that has a lot of baggage but seems to come out of nowhere, these chops might have been natural but they have been polished along the way. A solid, adult alternative bet to make.
(Monika Wall Music)

DIANE DURRETT & Soul Suga/Live: This ain't a white girl with the blues, this is a white girl with soul. Raising the roof and leaving everybody in the audience breathless, can't they hire her to be a mentor on one of these talent show shows? Teach the difference between screaming and emoting? Give her a break from the road and get a nice paycheck for a few months? She's so hot that even with a DIY budget you don't have to make any excuses for her as she doesn't cut any corners. Killer, high octane soul throughout.
(Blooming Tunes)

DAVID LUMSDEN & Friends/Hues of Blues: Stepping out from behind Hurricane Ruth, the hot, guitar slinger brings the kitchen sink as this tour de force blues cruise covers everything from Mel London to Robert Plant, all in mind melting fashion. A certified white boy with the blues, Lumsden might have never picked cotton or worked on an auto assembly line but he plays it like he lived it. Hot stuff that works.

JULIAN GERSTIN SEXTET/Old City: The old city Gerstin takes you to here might be one that exists in your mind but damn if he doesn't do a great job of capturing a time and place again and again as this disc plays on. With 40 years of drumming under his belt, he can lead from the back of the riser quite nicely. This audio getaway that seems just as geared to the armchair traveler as it is to the jazzbo is a delight throughout. It's like a Putumayo set would have re-imagined the themes he does. Well done.

MIKE BOGLE TRIO//Dr. B: A protean member of the Texas jazz world, Bogle lets his organ side show and the show is impressive. With half the set being chestnuts, he shows just how important the right touch is as there's not a jive not in the bunch. Fun stuff that carries out it's mission in fine from, his B3 is a lure that's impossible to resist. Check it out.
(MBP Groove)

DAVE KELLER/Every Soul's a Star: A white boy with the blues that can write, sing em and make them live, Keller is a red hot ball of passion and soul that knows how to put it all out there. A solid set from start to finish that sounds like a blues/soul show should, this I the real deal throughout delivered in major label fashion from the times when that meant something. Killer stuff.
(Catfood 26)

SANDY CARROLL/Blues & Angels: Going way beyond being a white girl with the blues, this time around Carroll takes it to church via Memphis & Muscle Shoals and makes you a true believer. Not gospel in the strict sense, her smoky vocals give you what you need and what you want with the backing band right in step. Killer stuff throughout that'll leave you amazed.
(Catfood 27)

Number 41/Number 336
October 2, 2018
830 W. Route 22 #144
Lake Zurich, IL., 60047
CHRIS SPECTOR, Editor and Publisher
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