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BOB MARGOLIN: Fresh from his BMA award, Margolin uses the opportunity to make his personal, mercy me, these times blow album. Looking over his shoulder as well as looking forward, he goes Todd Rundgren here playing and doing everything himself. Electric stuff that's right in the pocket, this white boy with a long standing case of the blues makes a great case for music being the universal language and cutting across all lines when really done right. And if his Dylan cover doesn't really feel like the 60s, it just proves you weren't there. A killer set from a killer cat that just keeps easy rolling no matter what.
(Vizz Tone 3)

DAVID JULIA/Inspired: Basically keeping his vibe local to Florida----because he's only 17, this cat is authentic and has a great command of the basics that he uses to stretch to the next level of the game. A cat that plays and sings like to the manner born, he shoves it in your face that age ain't nothing but a number. Certainly wise beyond his years, this isn't a cat to watch---he's a cat to get to know now. Hot stuff.
(Vizz Tone 2)

DOUG DEMING & the Jewel Tones/Complicated Mess: An interesting guitar slinger in that he's a white boy with the blues but he's laying out contemporary white boy blues. Echoing loads a rock moves with blues flavoring, it's like we've hit a new fork in the road in the Delta. Committed and authentic, this should be the new vector of alternative because it has the gas to go the distance without dipping in the mainstream. Killer stuff even without the all stars that came to hang out.
(Ellersoul 1809)

SEAN CHAMBERS/Welcome to My Blues: Cutting his teeth with Hubert Sumlin and leaving them razor sharp since 2003, Chambers is a hot and heavy guitar slinging white boy with the rocking blues that sounds like he hasn't met a chart he can't handle. With way more fire than flash at his disposal, Chambers is a real treat for meat and potatoes rockers looking for it fresh from the smoker and not warmed over. Hot stuff that just won't quit tailor made for genre fans that want to savor it all for themselves.
(American Showplace 7501)

Number 41/Number 333
September 29, 2018
830 W. Route 22 #144
Lake Zurich, IL., 60047
CHRIS SPECTOR, Editor and Publisher
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