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CONNIE HAN/Crime Zone: Do you think it might have helped Hiromi's career if she came out of the box looking like an anime inspired, fetish clothes wearing, hot Asian chick instead of just hanging out with Chick Corea? Well, it does seem to give Han an edge. Not really a set of crime jazz, this jazzy piano lady has chops galore and chops to spare well displayed on this daddio inspired set. Wise beyond her years playing is what pushes this sophomore outing in which she connects with her own voice over the finish line with room to spare. Solid, hard hitting post bop that just don't stop. Well done.
(Mack Ave 1140)

KRIS ADAMS/We Should Have Danced: Finding a folder of music left behind by her ex-husband/mentor, the one he left behind spends 4 years putting lyrics to his tunes, rounding up some proper jazzbos and putting together a fitting tribute for a well thought of educator that is missed by many. Collaborating from different worlds, the project comes together nicely and over looks that divorce isn't necessisarily the end. Interesting art jazz.
(Jazzbird 4)

FIONA BOYES/Voodoo in the Shadows: The standard bearer for white girls with the blues does it again. A blistering, hot acoustic blues set led by her stinging guitar and sounding like she really lives it voice, Boyes just plain owns it. With youth still on her side, she makes this journey through the southern back roads as authentic as it gets. Maybe even more real than you can take, this is another notch in her belt that is unmistakably punched. Killer stuff throughout.
(Reference 729)

RICHARD SHULMAN/A New Awareness-Music of the 12 Rays: If you've kept your four promises to the four Marys, it's time to explore the 12 Rays. The newest new age thing to connect you to your powers inside, you have vet Shulman with one of his most inspired works as your sonic interpreter with the work lavishly spread across two discs. An ambitious work loaded with sincerity, he brings all his chops to the fore to take real new age music to the next level of the game in a most professional manner. Sure to be one of the modern bellwethers of the underground sound.
(Rich Heart Music)

DEVA PREMAL/Deva: A little bit of Sanskrit inspired chanting never hurt anybody. Produced like a genre band effort, if you don't know her by now, this isn't just a bunch of hippies getting inspired by peyote. One of the genre leading lights that have broken through to the mainstream, Premal delivers an experience, not just a bunch of stuff by a bored housewife playing with her oldest kid's Casio that she came across cleaning out the basement. In the spirit on the old Soundings of the Planet records but brought forward, this should reside nicely on the seekers top ten list.
(White Swan 0185)

DARREN BARRETT/Time for Romance-But Beautiful: The neat thing about this guy is that he always had so much belief in his chops that when he appeared out of nowhere, he seemed to arrive there fully formed and non plused about it . Here, we once again find him using his freedom as an indie to the fullest and innovating without rebelling. Using soundscaping as part of his mix, this is a dandy, modern take on what a ballads album is. A solid trip for the modern jazzbo looking for new kicks.
(dB Studios)

RALPH PETERSON'S GENNEXT BIG BAND/I Remember Bu: Following in the footsteps of his mentor, Art Blakey, Peterson rounds up a bunch of Berklee young lions chomping at the bit and dares them to raise the roof. They did more here than make a bullet point on their resumes. Daddio taken to the nth degree in sound and scope, this blazing set just plain smokes throughout. Each kid plays solidly without manqueing around as they work their way along on this mostly journey through the past. Blazing hot stuff throughout.

HARRY VETRO/Northern Ranger: A personal record that can only be made from experience, the young drummer traveled the length and breadth of Canada getting a taste for all kinds of music and players in hidden pockets of the country. Culled here in to a multi genre experience, this is a far cry from malcontent music as it's really a celebration of the folk, jazz and indigenous music he encountered and melded along the way. A killer instrumental listening date, this record is a show unto itself. Well done and wise beyond his 23 years.
(T. Sound)

JEREMY DION/More Lately: Modern singer/songwriter stuff cut for modern times, the ep length gives him room to say all he feels the need to say on his third set and it's loaded with the kind of stuff to make sure people who need to find it will.
(Inner View)

MICHAEL DEASE/Bonafide: The bone man rounds up a stellar gang, they all brought their chops and his journey to make a different kind of record for him is on the money throughout. A wonderful pure jazz date throughout, this set is a must for anyone that feels the music as it flows through them. Always tasty and right in the pocket, this is a dandy high water mark in a career that's been full of them. Well done.
(Posi Tone 8188)

Number 41/Number 332
September 28, 2018
830 W. Route 22 #144
Lake Zurich, IL., 60047
CHRIS SPECTOR, Editor and Publisher
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