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BOOTSIE BARNES & LARRY McKENNA/The More I see You: They might be 80 and have only a handful of dates as leaders under their belts but they have played with everybody and are the elder statesmen of the Philly jazz scene. Their twin sax attack is right in the pocket of all the classic stuff that's come along over the years and should ring the bell for all fans of what Houston Person is doing over in New York. Working out here on a set of mostly chestnuts, they command front and center blowing up a delightful storm along the way. A first class ear opener throughout, long may these cats send us their mighty, swinging storm.
(Cellar Live 50718)

SAM KIRMAYER/High & Low: Already making his bones as one of Canada's stellar, new guitarists, this unabashed swinger leads his trio here through a set that mixes originals and chestnuts with his sure hand making them all his own. With the right touch to reach out and grab the jazz guitar fans ear, he already sounds like he's right up there with all the contemporary masters. Solid stuff throughout.
(Cellar Live 20118)

HUMANITY QUARTET/Humanity: Proving you're never too old to be a malcontent, bass man Smith got the idea to form this recording collective as a result of his revulsion with the fall of western civilization (and his characterizations are right on the money). Showing just how much humanity a bunch of downtown hell raisers can muster, this set takes you back to smoky, after hours clubs and records you though only you knew about and loved. Playing with the passion of being on a mission, this is a solid dose of real jazz for these unreal times. A winner throughout.
(Cellar Live 60118)

LEADER OF DOWN/Cascade Into Chaos: Whew! A smoking dose of malcontent hard rock that features the final performances of Wurzel, a casualty of 2011. Nothing goes to waste. A set that finds it's roots in left field hard rock of the 70s when raging, pent up hormones had no where to go but to records like this, if today's kids aren't angry enough to appreciate this, parents better start locking up the medicine cabinets. Hard hitting stuff throughout that gives voice to the voiceless in fine form.
(Deadline 923)

SHINDIGS/C H Ill A Nd: Lo fi dream pop that got it's start in Korea, relocated to SoCal where it soaked up all the Cali sunshine had to offer and became a big blow up act on Bandcamp showing how the system ain't the system anymore. Trippy stuff as befit's the format, the kids know what they want without being told.
(Cleopatra 908)

SCOTT MARTIN/Alone at Sunset: A vet piano man with nothing to prove sets sail to create the kind of set you can imagine Tom Waits digging in the late hours 40 years ago. Writing the tunes then inviting a bunch of vocalists to write their own lyrics, this is the sound of hipster long before hipster became a pejorative bitch slap. Pretty much a pretty cool mainline from Coolville, this smoking set hits you like a wake up call. Check it out.
(Liberian Handshake 1)

LORENS CHUNO/Rhythm Sustained: Special sauce alert! Living in New York and having a head for math gives this Nigerian world beater that something extra often missing from sets armchair travelers want to turn their friends onto but don't because they get tired of said friends rolling their eyes. With a vibe of world beat meeting the rest of the world half way, this lively engaging set is just plain fun to spend time with. Easy going and easy to like, book your ticket on this flight pronto.
(LCM Cube)

MIGGY AUGMENTED ORCHESTRA/Colorful: Around almost as long as Maria Schneider, this New York big band leader is really coming into her own now with this set. A big voiced set attracting some top jazzbos as members, lightly left leaning big band fans will take this to heart in an instant as the music just speaks to you. Well conceived throughout, calling this set colorful is really an understatement. Smoking stuff throughout.
(Artistshare 167)

BRAD WHITELEY/Presence: With such a busy schedule, the crafty jazz piano man took his time getting his second set ready to send down the line. Seeming like a left leaner but really having smart contemporary commercial instincts, Whitely pleases himself first but doesn't let go of the string until he feels you'll be just as pleased as well. Hard to resist, this crackling set dazzles the ear and shows just how quickly it can make itself at home. Well done.
(Destiny 17)

ERNESTO CERVINI'S TURBOPROP/Abundance: At this point in time, you'd really have to be a snotty kid not to recognize drummer Cervini as such a protean member of the Canadian jazz community that he could single handedly keep a haberdashery in business just with all the hats he wears. Leading his all star crew here, fresh from last year's Juno nomination, this year's edition is a propulsive, swinging set that loudly proclaims "I am here". A real winner of a set throughout, the only way you can go wrong here is not to hit the ‘buy it now' button on Amazon. Hot stuff.
(Anzic 63)

Number 41/Number 329
September 25, 2018
830 W. Route 22 #144
Lake Zurich, IL., 60047
CHRIS SPECTOR, Editor and Publisher
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