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PAT BATTSTONE/The Last Taxi In Transit: Oh, you know how we are. We just get a real kick out of it when someone's real day job really is rocket scientist. Battstone might have started out under Kenton's wing but his fascination with experimental, left leaning stuff has taken over his oeuvre over the years. Here we find him recording in Boston but making us feel like he packed it off to Italy to do it the Euro way. In an approximation of what white boy civil rights jazz would sound like, this is a major set for eggheads by eggheads.
(Leo 836)

STEVE McQUARRY/Aire: An impressionistic solo piano set from a jazzbo that's worked with the serious side of the jazz ledger, his background in jazz and classics comes to the fore here as he provides all the music you need to feel like you are listening to a well conceived work that cuts no corners. With no noodling in evidence, this smartly composed set is one of those deceptive sets that feels like it should be background music but uses it's chops and smarts to demand so much more. Well done.
(Mandala 106)

GLEN BOLDMAN & THE PHILADEPHIA 5: A hard hitting drummer that doesn't believe too much in subtly, Boldman certainly is a bold man when it comes to stretching the boundaries of jazz into creative mash ups of sounds and furies. Making his presence known, this educator is not one for playing it by the book.

DATURA ROAD: Hippie groove jazz from the greater Woodstock area that fills the bill for underground, under the radar stuff that is alive and well at festivals and alternative music homes. Not to be played with designer drugs, this is good old roll em and smoke em stuff that's in touch with the earned wants you to be mellow.

FLAVIO LIRA/Coffee Gold Sugar Cane: A delightful pan Latin American jazz mash up of a set, this is tailor made for those times you want to slip on the headphones and enjoy a party for one. There's plenty of well honed chops on board and everyone is cool enough not to overplay them in service to the songs. A real treat for when you want an audio getaway on demand. Well done throughout.

GREG YASINITSKY/Yazz Band: Records like this make it real easy. The vet, well traveled sax man knows everything there is to know about leading a swinging big band through all the right moves at all the right times. Hard charging, high octane stuff that never lets you down, or even comes up for air, this is a must for big band fans and a smoking lure to bring newbies into the tent. Killer stuff throughout.
(Yazz 2018)

ELSA NILSSON-JON COWHERD/After Us: Solid recital jazz by a flute/piano duo that play so well together, they really don't need any extra instrumentation or coloration. The kind of sitting down music that provokes you to seek out more sounds of the same (and generally come away disappointed with the excursion), they make it look and sound so easy, and to think that shows how out of your depth you are. Well done.

DK ANDERSON/Quantum Truth: A sax man that went on sort of a Sonny Rollins hejira by living in a small house in a remote area of Pennsylvania has come roaring back to New York with a funky take on a lot of jazz history that all comes together in fine style. With like minded pals that feel what he's up to, this is a snazzy set that crosses a few lines but ties it all together nicely as it makes it's way back. Solid stuff well worth checking out.

FRECKLE LEGEND/Long Walk Home: Aping Steve Gadd's move of being a sideman in his own band, this in demand session drummer of 25 years standing built his songs and band in the same fashion. Using his creative freedom to the fullest, RJ Rabin raises the roof with a joyful noise that doesn't fit easily into any particular pigeon hole but delivers the flavors you really want. That's why it's a tasty, wild ride throughout.

JOHN PETRUCELLI/Presence: An ambitious double cd from a young lion on sax, this set covers a lot of ground and covers it well. Finding that sweet spot where jazz and classical can exist on the same recording as if played by both halves of the brain at once, Petrucelli is a hero to sitting down jazz fans everywhere. A most capable tour guide through many modes and moods, this set is a wonderful ear opener throughout.

Number 41/Number 328
September 24, 2018
830 W. Route 22 #144
Lake Zurich, IL., 60047
CHRIS SPECTOR, Editor and Publisher
Copyright 2018 Midwest Record

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