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JOHN MOULDER/Decade Memories: Culled from sessions recorded since 2009, the Chicago guitarist rounds up the Chicago time keeper contingent, adds some Brits and turns up the heat on this smoking straight ahead jazz date that shows you how cooking is done. With solid blowing from all hands on deck adding to the whole, it's listening jazz that makes it hard not to bounce in your chair. A delightfully wild ride that's e ticket all the way.
(Origin 82762)

MIKE STEINEL QUINTET/Song and Dance: We don't get to hear from the Lab Band teachers as often as we hear from the students, but this is one of the places the kids get it from. With four decades of big band charts under his belt, Steinel opts to go combo here with the music doing the talking for most of the set. Tasty playing that seems like effortless jamming, this is almost a busman's holiday set except the underlying vibe is so tight and right on that you're in good hands throughout. Well done.
(OA2 22160)

KINKY/soundtrack: One of the chicks from Danity Kane extends her acting chops here as a surgeon that goes 50 shades with an investment banker. Not letting her vocal chops go fallow on this set, she serves up a bunch of nu urban tracks along the way as well while other finds add the rest of the spice.

ANNE SAJDERA/New Year: A 2014 trip to Prague inspired a set that kicks off with a classic daddio jazz vibe that's right in the pocket? And she wasn't even on a musical hejira at the time? Whatever it takes. Any classic jazzbo worth their cool will fall right in step with the latest from this pianist/composer that is highly skilled at hitting all the right notes. While certainly not a throwback Thursday release, the love and admiration from the real deal powers this set like you wouldn't believe. Hot stuff.
(Bijuri 2083)

EDWIN & FELICIATI/Twinscapes v. 2-A Modern Approach to the Dancefloor: An escape from the typical oontz oontz pounding of modern techno dance music, this duo might rely on looping a lot but at least they push the envelope in nu directions. Just right for suburbanites that want to be cool but not stray too far from the mainstream, they have a wonderful alternative to headache music here. Check it out.
(Rare Noise 98)

MARK MASTERS ENSEMBLE/Our Métier: With a bunch of jazz improvisers that are up for his challenges, Masters and crew go for angular jazz that falls left of crime jazz and into murkier noir worlds while still retaining a bright, brassy sound. There's lot of chops flying in all directions here and this is right up the alley of those that don't like to hang out where all the lights are lit. Wild stuff.
(Capri 74150)

KIRK FLETCHER/Hold On: A smoking guitar slinging blues man goes across the pond to reclaim some of what the Brits stole from us. With a powerful attack that blows open the ears on demand, this is the future of electric blues for times when we won't be able to rely on fossil fuels. Hard hitting and mind blowing throughout, this is how you let off steam the right way.

DELTA MOON/Babylon is Falling: These Atlanta swamp blues rockers sound like they brought their sound right from the chain gang this time out. Hard hitting, indigenous sounds that show respect for heritage, this takes it down home, takes it to church then takes it out to the back 40 where it gets to run free. Wild stuff that connects throughout.
(Jumping Jack 12018)

TRIO UNTOLD: Pay attention. This is the kind of jazz improv that doesn't sound like pots and pans music and does make people nod their heads appreciatively. All written as it was being recorded, this trio of aces communicates by the kind of telepathy forged by a grant giving them wing to originally ply their trade in Kathmandu. A bunch of educators that didn't let the groves of academe strangle them, this is where to send your kids for a musical education if they think Texas is too hot. Well done.
(PJCE 34)

JAKE EHRENREICH/A Treasury of Jewish Christmas Songs: So we get this child of the Holocaust that swings like a young Tony Bennett who always harbored a love for Christmas music finding a way to merge all these things running through his head by sparking up a jazz tribute to Christmas music classics written by Jewish songwriters. Add Roger Kellaway and some solid jazzbos to the mix and you get this record that you‘d think is a one note joke but runs so much deeper into so much more. This set could even make nuns and orthodox rabbis put away their rulers if they caught you enjoying this. Fun stuff throughout--played straight.

Number 41/Number 325
September 21, 2018
830 W. Route 22 #144
Lake Zurich, IL., 60047
CHRIS SPECTOR, Editor and Publisher
Copyright 2018 Midwest Record

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