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SPIRITS BURNING & MICHAEL MOORCOCK/An Alien Heat: Well, isn't this just the prog underground rock event of the year? Moorcock hooks up with Spirits Burning and all hook up with BOC, Hawkwind and members of Arthur Brown, Dictators, Camper Van Beethoven, the Damned and more for a prog/sci-fi odyssey that will sate fans of all involved genres. An amalgam of some of the heaviest cats you probably never heard of, the snickers can be heard in the distance coming from the initiated toward the uninitiated. For the right crowd, this is a real crowd pleaser--and then some.
(Gonzo Multimedia 471)

MARK WAYNE GLASMIRE/Can't Be Denied: An amiable cat that fits comfortably into the folk/country-rock/Americana vibe, he found his voice in Texas after years of jobs, degrees and trying to fit into round holes with his square pegs. With the kind of easy rolling stuff that always feels at home, particularly after a tough day, this is a solid set to mellow out with, particularly if you just aren't a new age kind of cat. Well done.

MARIE GOUDY 12TET featuring Jocelyn Barth/Bitter Suite: Veer to the arty side of the Kenton gang, bring it into today and let these gals and their pals do their thing. A sumptuous, big band date that plays it straight and digs deep into some emotional territory, this is a solid bet for ears on the prowl for a true listening experience where no punches are pulled and the hits land triumphantly. A different kind of jazz/instrumental with vocals date, it's a real ear opener and mind blower. Hot stuff.

DARRELL KATZ and the JCA Orchestra/Rats Live on No Evil Star: Political jazz? It's in here if you want it---with the politics dedicated to known free thinker and B3 ace Mike Finnigan taking it back to his roots. Left leaning and free thinking jazz that opens the ears, this is the kind of sitting down jazz that makes you think without making you work. Bold in execution throughout, you don't have to be an egghead to get into this high minded stuff from a bunch of pros that aren't new to the game.
(JCA 1804)

EDDIE HEINZELMAN/Wherever You Go: Kind of a busman's holiday record where a bunch of session and background cats band together and decide to add that extra special sauce that can lead to a break out of their own. An entertaining country/rock-Americana date that connects by coming straight from the heart, he might be here to put on a show but he'll send you off into the night with something more than melodies in the back of your mind. Solid stuff made for good times.
(One Louder)

ALISTER SPENCE-SATOKO FUJII/Intelsat: Prog jazz cats take it minimal in this live duo date that finds them letting you explore the inner reaches of your mind with just a little prodding. Music for deprivation tanks, this stuff nearly whispers it's way past you.
(Alister Spence Music 7)

RUDY ROYSTON/Flatbed Buggy: An impressionistic remembrance of his youth in Texas, the first call drummer of choice for left leaning modern jazzbos switches direction with an unexpected, sitting down jazz date that finds him not only capably leading but doing it through terrain you didn't see coming. Not hell raising but not easy listening either, this is well wrought instrumental music that engages several senses along the way. Solid throughout.
(Greenleaf 1065)

ADAM PRICE GROUP/House Ghosts: When you do one thing and do it well, it's easy to record for your own label on your own dime. When you have a lot of interests, it takes a special blend of chops, vision and discipline to make it work and not sound like the kitchen sink in action. Multi instrumentalist Price is up for the challenge and shows the skills to make it all work. Certainly not a one trick pony, he takes you all over the map in a well knitted, cohesive way that keeps you coming back. A solid work throughout.

JAVON JACKSON/For You: Doffing the cap to his heroes and mentors, whether or not they were sax men, the sax ace pays it straight and straight ahead in a smoking, little date that makes it's point and doesn't tarry. Loaded with chops that don't need to hit you over the head with neon signs to make you recognize them, this is just one of those jazz dates that is. A winner throughout from pros that simply know the score.
(Solid Jackson 3)

KENNY BLUES BOSS WAYNE/Inspired by the Blues: There's not a lot I can add here. The boogie woogie hall of fame piano player plays the blues with old school choogle and swagger and if he isn't playing it from the heart, he deserves an Academy Award. Killer stuff specially made for those that want it cut from the true vine, this tour de force isn't just another number in a catalog---it's as real as it gets. High octane killer stuff that brings the blues back to the church and will bring the fallen back to the blues.
(Stony Plain 1401)

JARED SIMS/New York Session: Sounding kind of like a commie hippy, this set is the sax man looking back at his New York of 20 years ago when it was vibrant rather than all about merchandise. We can dig it. Focusing on his own story, instrumentally, rather than looking backward, you can certainly hear the fading echoes of 52nd St. when it still meant something and 5th Avenue wasn't full of discount stores. He's a real jazzbo and he brings real jazz. A tasty treat throughout.

Number 41/Number 318
September 14, 2018
830 W. Route 22 #144
Lake Zurich, IL., 60047
CHRIS SPECTOR, Editor and Publisher
Copyright 2018 Midwest Record

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