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MISTER G/Fireflies: The Latin Grammy winner with the German sounding name comes in with a folkie/Americana kiddie date that sounds too mature to be just for kids. With helping hands from second generation roots players, this set is a wily, nu set that has such a great sound and feel almost anybody will find this irresistible, not matter how kid centric the lyrics can skew. Tasty stuff that never talks down to the intended audience, your kids will thank you for picking this us for them---if you can imagine such a thing. Well done.

NEWPOLI/Mediterraneo: An ethnic Italian/Mediterranean date that gleefully mixes old worlds with new, this is the kind of world beat date that crosses all lines easily for anyone with wide open ears. Loaded with new sounds, this mighty ear opener teases and tantalizes all at the same time with it's exotic motifs and moves. A new kick for the real arm chair traveler.

JAMIE LYNN VESSELS/Strom Coming: This hard blues rocking gal might look like a suburban out for a night with the girls in which she gets to shed her daily skin but once the guitar slinging kicks in, she can rock like one of the boys. Wonderfully hard hitting, direct stuff that connects right out of the box, Vessels ditches the softer edges of past releases and right for the jugular, hitting her target with room to spare. Solid stuff throughout.

RAY BONNEVILLE/At King Electric: He might be a Canadian coming at you from Texas but he's really got a modern take on southern gothic down so well you'd think he was friends with Tony Joe White back in the day. With a stripped down, straight from the gut delivery and presence, this hits you firmly between the eyes with a punch you just don't recover from that quickly. Deceptively folkie, don't fall into his bag of tricks blindly. Killer stuff that connects mightily.
(Stonefly 1009)

SUKEY MOLLOY/Five Little Oysters: In the never ending race to find new and improved, it's easy to overlook what's come before. Molloy takes a world folk view of kids classics that will never got out of fashion with the younger set who really deserve something updated at least a little beyond Little Golden Records offerings that grandpa used to listen to. Co-produced by a cat that's worked with Springsteen and Bowie, it's clear how her forward thinking journeys through the past keep her at the front of the award winning pack. This set is sure to bring it home again for her.
(Play Move & Sing)

MR. SINGER & THE SHARP COOKIES/Happy Haunted Halloween: This Halloween record might have a short shelf life on an annual basis, but it will have an annual basis. Chicago's rocking outfit for kids that doesn't treat them like kids, they rock out in a parentally approved non-threatening way, but they rock out nonetheless. Fun stuff powered by witty lyrics that kids will probably pass on to their kids one day, all we can say is move over "Monster Mash".

COLIN JAMES/Miles to Go: One of Canada's pre-eminent blues rock guitarists checks in with his defacto tribute to Chess Records with hidden gems from the label's stalwart front liners. Playing like to the manner born, James hits it out of the park showing how you can bring home the gold consistently in a genre that most people marginalize. Killer stuff from a modern master.
(True North 701)

JIMMIE SMITH/Plays Jimmy Smith-Live in Music City: So, here we have a church cat that plays B3 and has the same name as the B3 master. Smith shows where Smith got it all from originally as he raises the roof beams on high and drives the crowd nuts in the process. It's all blazing chops with no bells and whistles that's culminates as a fast ball right down the middle for all B3 fans. Killer stuff throughout.
(Woodward Avenue 1803)

Number 41/Number 315
September 11, 2018
830 W. Route 22 #144
Lake Zurich, IL., 60047
CHRIS SPECTOR, Editor and Publisher
Copyright 2018 Midwest Record

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