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ALFRED HITCHCOCK/Classic Soundtrack Collection: Remember when you were a kid playing ball with the guys? Were you one of those catchers that would distract the hitter by singing the words to the Hitchcock show theme "I pick the boogers and eat the nose"? Perhaps not. Even if you are too young to be a grandfather, you have to know the iconic scene from "Psycho". This collection of Hitchcock scores and soundtracks really goes back to almost the beginning of Hitchcock's career and predates his collaborations with Bernard Herrman, many of which set the gold standard for film music work. There's a load of iconic Herrmann cleffers here along with a bunch of scores that know the score showing how much atmospheric music was a part of Hitch's films in a much more simpler time. With material going back as far as 1934, this collection might not be as dated as you think since the new kick with millenials is silent movies (g'wan, Google it, I dare ya). This set is a must for all Hitch and film music fans.
(Enlightenment 9151)

JOHN COLTRANE/Trane Meets the Tenors: Talk about an innovative way to repackage classic Coltrane. Recorded over a two year period, this set finds him being a sideman and sidekick on dates where the daddio music flowed and flew like crazy, man. Super blowing throughout no matter what aggregation he was in or who he was facing off against, this is an example of how 60 year old music can remain vibrant and relevant across the decades. You just can't be a jazzbo and not love this 4 cd collection.
(Acrobat 7128)

PEE WEE ELLIS/In My Ellingtonian Mood: Here's a fine example of busman's holiday. James Brown's former foil squares off with just a piano man attacking the Ellington catalog with verve and subtly you wouldn't expect from a member of the JBs. Almost not needing any coloration to carry the date, it's a head and shoulders above the gift shop record this could have easily slid into being. Fun jazzbo stuff for anyone with ears for a show.
(Minor Music 801151)

STEVIE NICKS/Transmission Impossible: So what could be more formidable than the burst of lightning that was Stevie Nicks in her initial Fleetwood Mac burst of fury? How about a ride with her through the 80s when she replaced Joni Mitchell as middle America's fave wet dream? Three concerts, from various of her high points in the 80s are all on board here showing the power and glory that made her a sex symbol to long haired stoners as well as fat girls taken with her Welch witch schtick. No matter how you slice it, these three cds show that Nicks was a real badass throughout that really would have been in the Heartbreakers if she wasn't part of the Big Mac attack. Collections like this make it all right for you to go home again.
(Eat to the Beat 79)

ELMER BERNSTEIN/Classic Soundtrack Collection: The kind of cat you should think of in the same breath as John Williams, Bernstein owned soundtracks in the 50s, and that's even with being black listed being held against him. A cat that delivered whether he was asked to take care of junkies or the The Bible, he was the man with the plan. This collection of eight of his meatiest, choice bits is a mind blower as instrumental music that stands alone--to add the film behind it to the mix and you'll know why the pictures he worked on were so powerful. And just for the record, there's some seriously iconic stuff on this record---enduring career makers in fact. Roll back to a time when soundtracks were the score in nascent suburban rec rooms and find out just how hip your grandparents were. Killer stuff throughout.
(Enlightenment 9149)

BEN RICE/Wish the World Away: A white boy with the blues that's approaching them from another direction has captured the imagination of some serious roots/indigenous cats that all pull together to bring home this kid's most soulful side. Fun stuff that has no agenda to change to world, this is the kind of music you used to hear a lot of when this was all more than just a business. From the heart throughout, this is a must for the next time you're going to let the world go by out on the back porch.

RACHELLE COBA/Blink: A hard charging white girl with the blues shines as much as her glitter eye shadow. High octane stuff throughout, she's a growler from the git that really let's you feel how much she loves the blues and loves adding rock and rollick to them. With some jam band vets that know how to help get her where she wants to go, this set will blow your ears open as she progresses from award nominee to award winner. Hot stuff.
(American Showplace 7411)

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