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ANTHONY GERACI/Why Did You Have to Go?: So what happens when a multi blues award nominee moves his recording home to Duke Robillard's own label? For starters, all of Robillard's blues pals show up to lend some licks, all of them so numerous award winners and nominees that it should make Al Kooper proud he coined the term ‘super session'. The piano man rollicks his way through a set of originals that rings the bell and everyone plays like a show band in synch. He might be a white boy with the blues but he's so steeped in the post war/modern tradition here you'd think he has to get up early for his day job on the production line. Ragingly killer stuff throughout.
(Blue Duchess 5)

JAMIE LAWRENCE SEXTET/New York Suite: 30 years in the making with some great cats on board, this is art jazz that doesn't go artsy on you. An impressionistic look at New York as solid as "Take the A Train", this multi Emmy winner makes it all sound too easy. Sitting down jazz at the top of it's form, since we didn't know we were waiting for it, it's hard to say it was worth the wait---but it was. Oddly in time with the Leonard Bernstein centennial celebration, this is Bernstein worthy modern jazz. A stone cold winner.

LEE PALMER/Horns & Harps: This Canadian white boy with the blues sounds like he just tumbled in from a 70s hippie campus coffeehouse. With that certain soulfulness that makes you glad he really feels it but doesn't try to bamboozle you into making you think he picked cotton, Palmer has a knack for finding that sweet spot and leading his crew in the right direction. Fun stuff throughout.
(On the Fly)

BOB LANZA BLUES BAND/Kids, Dogs & Krazy Women: This white boy with the blues from Jersey has been honing his chops for years so there's more to him than this just being his fifth album. Honing in on the righteous groove like a laser, Lanza and company bring the thunder and bowl you over with their full on attack. Without affectation or artifice, Lanza and crew are primo blues rockers that have it imprinted on their DNA---the shining reason why they can take this way beyond frat boy party music. Hot stuff that just doesn't quit.
(Connor Ray 1804)

Number 41/Number 297
August 24, 2018
830 W. Route 22 #144
Lake Zurich, IL., 60047
CHRIS SPECTOR, Editor and Publisher
Copyright 2018 Midwest Record

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