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HILARY SCOTT/Don't Call Me angel: Scott triumphs once again. With a slight change up into more blues than folk/country than before, Scott strips things down to get a bigger effect. With an all star combo bringing up the rear, her voice and pen are front and center showcasing her emotions and style to the fullest. Every inch a big time record, this soulful collection is so from the heart you can feel her pulse in the grooves. Killer stuff from one of the brightest lights in Americana.
(Belltown )

THE CROSSING/Zealot Canticles: Ok, so a lot of Goth rock sounds like intentional trips through hell and we kind of expect that. What happens when a Grammy winner for best choral performance turns his talents to classical music that reflects what goes on in the mind of a lunatic? The results might be more subtle than an EDM trip through hell but they might be more ground shaking. Making a new genre for classical malcontent? This is an interesting take on classical music not playing pretty for the people. Wild stuff with pros at the helm that shows how you never know where the trip is going to wind up.
(Innova 984)

NOTUS/Of Radiance & Refraction: A college choral ensemble of 40 years standing finally comes forth with it's debut recording. Known for commissioning works and a left leaning stance, this crew shows it's very much in the head of the contemporary classical fan that wants to explore still as yet uncharted territories. While not exactly for everyone, it does serve the classical music hipster that wants to keep it out of the ordinary.
(Innova 2)

DAVE ANDERSON/Melting Pot: Fronting jazz's answer to xenophobia, this world wide crew isn't here to play world beat, it's here to play the original international language, jazz. Sounding very much like a trip back to the early 60s where it was clear there was more to jazz than gumbo, the international crew might bring their own flavors with them but the end result is a classic sounding combo date with everything burning on high. A delicious mélange of textures, this is some seriously great listening that shows you how it's done.
(Label 1 2004)

ROBERT ‘ROBI' SVARD/Alquimia: The flamenco guitar ace from Sweden shows his out of the box smash debut was no fluke. Bringing on some flamenco all stars this time out to join the celebration, this is a mind blower of a date that anyone who has ever dug any of the recent vintage flamenco based guitarists should lift on their shoulders. Killer stuff so well played you almost can't believe what you're hearing, this new classic is a winner throughout.
(Asphalt Tango 5918)

VINCE BELL/Ojo: A guilty pleasure of hipsters like Bob Neuwirth and T-Bone Burnett, this avant, left field poet jazzbo steps up to the mic with is tales that might as well be plucked from the cosmos. Perfect stuff to play when you light up a blunt that makes you feel like you're plugged into the universal vibe and feeling deep.
(Mulatta 39)

MIDNITE JOHNNY/Long Road Home: A meat and potatoes white boy loaded with blues rock made it from south Florida to the UK with a load of recognition along the way still keeping his vibe in tact. Highlighting the rib sticking good stuff that you always come back to, this is how to do the basics right without making it seem basic. Solid stuff that might keep you up all night, but it won't be with indigestion. Hot stuff.
(Mosher St. 1850)

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August 11, 2018
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