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JOEY MORANT/Forever Sanctified: File under one of the heaviest cats you never heard of, this vet trumpeter knows the proper way to blow up a storm. Most properly schooled in old school ways and showing just how easily he can make a killer old school, mainstream session, Morant and his high octane pals whose names you do know unfurl some solid jazz. In New York by way of Charleston, let the park service preserve Fort Sumter, there's something more valuable being preserved here. Killer stuff throughout.
(Blujazz 3468)

WESTERN MICHIGAN UNIVERSITY JAZZ ORCHESTRA/Turkish Delight: Oh, those kids today, having the luxury to get schooled in big band playing without having to live like crap on the road in squalid conditions for low pay, just like in the good old days. Playing with all burners having their fires burning bright, they should kiss educator Scott Cowan's toes for letting them shine like this without enduring hardships. Playing like they've already arrived, big band fans can be counted on to sing the praises of these young bloods as they begin their careers. Hot stuff.
(Blujazz 3464)

ERNHEST McCARTY-THERESA DAVIS/I Remember Love: A former Emotion and a former bass player for Erroll Garner reteam for their first full on set that's a sweet jazz vocal swinger like the kind of stuff that got chased into up market hotel lobbies as clubs started folding. Sassy and savvy with real pros having their hands on the wheel, there's nothing about this set jazz vocal fans won't like as it's a blazing fast ball right down the middle. Well done.
(Blujazz 3470)

GINA SICILIA/Heard the Lie: One of the top of the crop young white girls with the blues rocks it up more this time around without selling out to going pop but making efforts to widen her generous appeal. Loaded with smart moving and grooving and lyrics that listeners might find personal even if they aren't, this cooker raises the bar on her already bright career. Still keeping it's roots roots in tact no matter how high she's been flying, this set underscores the importance of sincerity and keeping it real. Whew!
(Blue Elan 1106)

BRAXTON BROTHERS/Higher: A stellar return to their funky, smooth jazz roots, the Brothers take time off from their day jobs making other sound good to raise the roof in fine style. Sure to take you back to the day without being nostalgic, these fat grooves drip off the platter so well that you just don't want it to end. Hot stuff that shows how well you can you can keep it once you own it. Well done.
(Braxton Brothers 1808)

KEVIN KEARNEY BAND/Black Revised: The basics are the basics for a good reason, you can't go anywhere without them. This guitar slinging white boy with the blues that has a few decades of dues under his belt comes out, shreds and leaves in a cloud of smoke. Hard hitting stuff as basic and satisfying as meat and potatoes, Kearney knows how to come out, make his statement and leave you with your tongue hanging out wanting more. Blistering stuff that gets the job done without ever feeling like work.

TEXTBREAK/Sick for Songs a Season Eats: Vet dark electro dj/cat comes in with a nu vision of sonic hell as he leads you into the underground and leaves you there. The sound of how you imagine middle earth if you really do find the gate to hell, industrial provides a dark vision and this under pins the vision. Not scary stuff but not your typical party music either.
(Cleopatra 887)

ALBERTA/MMMMM: Singer/songwriter stuff as focused through the eyes of Hasil Adkins downstream off spring. Wild outsider rock that doesn't easily fall into any recognized malcontent subgenre, living on the road hasn't turned him into the nu Wildman Fischer yet, but it only makes sense to see what time will tell.
(Dead Eyes Company)

BRUTALISTS: If it sounds strangely Madchester to you, this melodic malcontent crew fuses LA and London punk into a nu mix with strangely sunshine pop undertones buried in the mix. Wild stuff for wild times that feels very much like the one hit Brit stuff in the wake of Beatles 50 years ago.
(Cleopatra 844)

STU MINDEMAN/Woven Threads: World beat of a different order from a cat that came from Chile in the middle of violent times and goes on a discovery of his roots and more. Not linear party music like so much world beat, this is a piece of art with multi hued textures and feeingls delivered by a wide ranging international cast and crew that all have something potent and poignant to add. Deep stuff you don't have to be an egghead to wrap your head around.
(Sunnyside 1520)

Number 41/Number 279
August 6, 2018
830 W. Route 22 #144
Lake Zurich, IL., 60047
CHRIS SPECTOR, Editor and Publisher
Copyright 2018 Midwest Record

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