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SASHA MASHIN/Outsidethebox: Ok, so maybe he seemed like a know it all quitting music school after only a few weeks, it sounds here like he knew the direction he wanted to take and wasn't finding it there. The drummer has a passion for free and free flowing jazz with artistic edges but he's proven himself more skilled than someone just bashing around in the dark. A rising joyful noise for left leaning tastes, this wild romp adds twists and turns you didn't know were hiding the music. Check it out.
(Rainy Days 1)

MAX MORAN & Neospectric: Jazz funk and groove all come together in a victorious hug in this snazzy debut set that's loaded with special guest stars who are handy to have handy in the delivery room. The kind of set that can clear the most sluggish and clogged arteries, this high octane groover is just what the doctor ordered. Fun stuff that's loaded with so much joie de vivre, it even has left overs to spare. Hot stuff.
(Bubble Bath)

LARRY McDONOUGH QUARTET/Alice in Stonehenge: A two disc set of acoustic and electric jazz served hot from the chilly Twin Cities. So, if you ever wondered how "Layla" would sound as an organ driven guitar less track, this bunch has you covered, appropriately on the last track. With a crowd pleasing feel throughout forged in live performance, this is a welcoming set that's easy to listen to but never gets too pretty for the sake of pretty. Solid stuff that's well done all across the board.

MAHOBIN/Live at Big Apple in Kobe: Keeping the surprises coming for her 60th birthday, this time around Satoko Fujii melds into her super group debut in the new group, Mahobin. Still as atmospheric and improvised as ever no matter what skin she dons, outsiders and left leaners know what to expect in this round of the unexpected and dig it to the max.
(Libra 204-050)

AGUANKO/Pattern Recognition: So who says there can't be killer Latin jazz from south eastern Michigan? You think they don't like to party up there? Led by a conga cat with more than Tito Puente aspirations, put this on and watch the gringos get into the spirit of things---with abandon. High octane and sizzling, this is the stuff you know to always show up for. Well done.
(Aguanko 3)

CHRIS MONSON/Seldom in the Well: The guitarist leaves his prog rock days behind to focus on jazz but he doesn't leave his chops or sensibilities behind. Loading his band with a load of Juno winners, this heat from the frozen north reflects the best of late 60s jazz when it didn't know exactly what do before fusion hit and Beatles faded. Easy going, non cocktail or dinner jazz, this is simply a solid set of real music for people that just want to go with the flow and dig the groove. Well done.

MIKE MARSHALL & CATERINA LICHTENBERG/Third Journey: Those musical Marshalls remind you there are other great mandolin players not named Sam Bush, even if some of them came from the same fertile, new grass ground. Making the third time the charm, they strike sparks most organically here after a decade together finding a personal way to strike universal chords. Pretty much going around the horn to touch on all their various interests, they leave you breathless as Marshall raises the curtain on his third act here in this third journey. Killer stuff that raises the bar for acoustic music fans.
(Adventure Music 1115)

VIVIAN LEE/Let's Talk About Love: Kicking it old school throughout, Lee is a classic jazz vocalist that knows how to swing the oldies that you want to hear done right one more time. With the newest track being "Didn't We", this journey through the past has no dust on it at all. A real find for genre fans, this gal could lessons on how to get it done. A real smoker.

CARMELA RAPPAZZO/Howlin' at the Moon: An art chick currently alighted in Nawlins, there isn't a whole lot about this set that's indigenous as she has the power to over power what doesn't meet up with her vision. Clearly a left leaning set for those who like their jazz with an edgy edge, Rappazzo know how to deliver a plate of spicy meatballs.

STEVE MIGNANO/Lucky 13: They have blues rock in Nawlins and Mignano is one of it's smart, local practitioners. Edgy stuff loaded with that something you can't quite put your finger on, if you want to rock the night away with some maturity amid the chops, this is a welcome place to check out.

Number 41/Number 276
August 3, 2018
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