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DAVE VAN RONK/Collection 1958-62: Before he was the Mayor of MacDougal Street, let Dylan make a pallet on his floor, met up with the Hudson Dusters and threatened to throw a drink at me because I was taking notes while he was singing, Van Ronk was one of the perfect faces of the folk music revival. Capturing his folk/blues/hokum in fine form from his first four recordings timed before folk had gone commercial and started leaving him behind, his gruffness and scruffiness gave him that roustabout, lived in air that made what he was doing all that more authentic. Amazingly wild stuff from a time when all the frippery you could rely on was what you could generate, if folk music never rung your bell, this collection will give you a hint about what all the hub bub was about, bub. One utterly cool journey through the past.
(Acrobat 3253)

BLUE DAHLIA/La Tradition Americaine: A product of serendipity and sorrow, this world beat that comes form a place you never imagined is a super smoking mash up helmed by two musos that came together by chance and let the sparks fly. Chanson from a cabaret on Mars, this high octane wild ride is just what the urban sophisticate needs to get their party started. You never know where this record is coming from or headed to and that's half the fun of giving it an airing. Well done.

KEITH STONE with Red Gravy/Blues With a Taste of New Orleans: A solid dos e of how Italians rock and funk it up in Nawlins this crew brings all tier strengths to the fore and lets it fly. A solid party platter with a groove that doesn't quit, you have to be dead to not have this make your motor rev. Note perfect throughout, this bunch just doesn't take no for an answer. Hot stuff.

TRUDY LYNN/Blues Keep Knockin': Mixing R&B, R&R and Ryoukidding, Lynn rocks it out like they should have let her when she finally got to a ‘major' label like Ichiban almost 30 years ago. Finding the right groove for her talents at Connor Ray where almost half her recorded output resides, whether going full throttle or laying back, Lynn is pure southern soul throughout powered by enough fervor to raise the dead. Simply a solid, smoking set throughout, Lynn has totally claimed her spot and planted her flag with a career defining set that's one for the books. Hit the play button and get out of the way.
(Connor Ray 1803)

Number 41/Number 273
July 31, 2018
830 W. Route 22 #144
Lake Zurich, IL., 60047
CHRIS SPECTOR, Editor and Publisher
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