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HOUSTON BROTHERS/Archer: With Mitch Easter lurking in the background, this is skewed power pop for contemporary times. To the right of emo, this is stuff that could be trumpeted in hipper college dorms.

JOHN JORGENSON & Orchestra Nashville/Istiqbal Gathering: If you are approaching this knowing Jorgenson from his gypsy jazz ensemble work, hearing him face off against an orchestra might require your ears to do a little settling in, but it's worth the effort. Such is the curse of the chop meister that can deliver the goods with a singular and forceful voice. Once you get your ears into the NAC/world/classical groove, this is a wild ride that's hard to pin down as anything except glorious, pure music. Playing for the joy of it, this gathering, along with pals Turtle Island Quartet, make sure you have a supreme listening experience. This is what real adult music fans are on the prowl for when they really want to take it uptown.

LINE C3/Serving Size Four Bunnies: Ever what goes on in the mind of Peeps? Carl Schimmel did and offered this percussion work to this percussion crew to bring to life. If you have an out there kind of mind, this self contained work makes perfect sense. It might be about marshmallows, but it's nutty.

THE SIMPSONS/Complete 20th Season: Since everyone like to be Comic Book Guy and bitch about seasons 13-19, it was wise of Fox to skip ahead to release Season 20 to co-incide with the 20th anni of the show. So how come Bart isn't 30 yet? The reliable, constant long running comfort food of broadcast TV delivers the goods, it's not their fault if you've gotten older. The laughs still flow and the adventures are well worth following, Comic Book Guy be damned. Perhaps more of a milestone than an event since we've all come to take The Simpsons for granted, you may not wet your pants but if you watch this as a marathon you can be sure of laughing yourself silly. Salute, old pals.

FAMILY GUY-SOMETHING, SOMETHING, SOMETHING DARK SIDE: The really funny thing about this Family Guy spoof on Star Wars is that it is pretty faithful to the original, it just recasts it with Family Guy characters doing Family Guy things. Will the real Star Wars fan think it's sacrilege? Why should he? George Lucas approved. Thank your fave deity that there's still room in this business for creatives to go forth and lose their minds.

THE INVENTION OF LYING: Some pics just under perform in the theater but live forever on home vid, and there's usually big talent behind it. They aren't exactly dark comedies. They start out firmly mired in the mundane but then focus in on a black spot on the soul and try to make it seem totally normal. This would inhibit group dynamic laughter in a theater, but at home, with your own black spots, it's a laugh riot ala "Eating Raoul", "Office Space" et al. Ricky Gervais takes "Lying" right to the heart of that territory. Providing the slow burn kind of constant chuckle/harumph/guffaw, the invention of religion, the bank heist and the cop subterfuge will keep you coming back for more and turning on your friends. The daft simplicity played so dead pan is why Gervais is an absurdist at the top of his game. Well done.
(also available in Blu Ray special edition with digital copy)

WHITE OUT: Hey, fans boys, what's gong on here? This pic was adapted from a graphic novel and we only get one underwear scene of Kate Beckinsale? We need our daily dose of MILF, especially after sitting through all that tight leather and fangs. A geo-political murder mystery with a whole bunch of elements coming at your from a whole bunch of directions, this is movie making for You Tube fans that don't care about the content as long as the action keeps coming.
(also available in Blu Ray special edition with digital copy)

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