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DENNIS LLEWELLYN DAY/Bossa Blues and Ballads: One of those many cats who keep the music playing in New York serves jazz vocal up his way in almost a throwback fashion. With a crisp, clear voice and enunciation that is positively old school, he delivers the lyrics knowing exactly what they mean and how to interpret them. With a multi generational crew bringing up the rear, this is how it was done when it was always done right. A solid bet for jazz vocal fans.
(D Day Music Group)

SOUNDS FROM THE CIRCLE X/various: Once again , the only negative about this mp3 cd is that once you step away from your computer, it can be a challenge to play and listen to. Of course, the rewards hidden on this disc are wroth the challenge for the new age fan. Harvested from the real DIY end of the pool, most of these tracks are artist driven with Real Music being the only ‘major' label represented here. The disc is as much a study in heart, soul and desire as it is the music. Well stacked so the diversity doesn't interrupt the flow of the set, this is a wide ranging, ear opener for genre fans that will be hard pressed to find something here they don't like. Real music for real listeners is alive and well here.

FIONA JOY/Story of Ghosts: A fine dose of solo piano in an audiophile setting is served up here by one of the top contemporary instrumental musicians working today. Never even coming close to being an art chick, she knows how to straddle the line between art and commerce never making one more important than the other. Solo piano might have taken a twist and turn there and there since you first started enjoying ECM's foray into that realm but this set is a fine addition to that lineage even if she sounds nothing like early Keith Jarrett. Killer stuff.
(Blue Coast 7012)

PETER CALANDRA/Carpe Noctem: If you fancy yourself with mainstream ears, this is the kind of well conceived set you are almost afraid to admit to others you like since it falls outside the realm without being left leaning or outsider music. Taken with sacred music early on, Calandra mixes sacred choral music with ambient sounds and orchestral vibes for a sound that exists in it's own place and makes a decided mark on your ears. A keyboard cat that knows his stuff, cosmos and space work their way into his sounds of holiness giving this a decided other worldly vibe even prog fans can dig in their off the clock moments. Well done.

ERIK SCOTT/Trick of the Wind: A protean bass ace that's you've often heard but probably never heard of in the half century he's been doing this even if he's well known to the rich and powerful that have had him ply his trade. Not merely content to be a geezer bitching about all the noise around us, he's fired up the digital recorder and done something about it. With the restless energy of youth leading the way, he weaves and wraps his way around the sounds and delivers a first class audio getaway that's more than needed and more than well done. Solid stuff throughout from a cat that knows his stuff so well that he doesn't need a pat on the back from me to complete his day.

JOHN PITTMAN/Kinship: A trumpet ace leaves his band and lines up a bunch of Canadian jazzbo hitters that are leaders and award winners in the own right for a romp through smoking originals that laves you saying ‘whew'. Whew. Letting pros be pros, this set stacks up nicely against any of your fave Blue Note sessions from their meatiest, prime years. A winner throughout that really lights up the night.
(Slammin Media 1)

GAYLE KOLB/Getting Sentimental: You can tell this vet thrush honed her chops in classic Vegas showrooms and even with years away from the mic under her belt, she comes roaring back here with a set loaded with forgotten tunes that needed to be brought back by someone that can deliver. With some Sonny Rollins sidekicks along for the ride, fans of classic songbirds will welcome this set and have a fun parlor game of citing what influences are coming out of her where. A winner of a set with loads of classic moves pulled out at all the right times, this is a welcome return for a lost diva. Hot stuff.
(Jeru Jazz 10)

BEN MILLBURN/Sunglass Moustache: Modern psych from Austin that offers high octane dream worlds that swirl like the stuff that fueled them. Definitely music to get you looking at swirling colors by.

ASHLEIGH FLYNN & the Riveters: Obviously inspired by Rosie the Riveter, this band of sisters that are doing it for themselves have a few decades of real rock chops under their belts and they aren't afraid to deliver on the promise made by "Exile in Guyville" to do it yourself and take it to the top. Solid rocking melodic rockers that also fearlessly explore their roots side, this bunch has rock cred and writing smarts that show this is for real and not a show. A winning set throughout.
(Home Perm)

DAVID GARFIELD/Jammin' Outside the Box: If the second in the keyboard man's ‘outside the box' series sound suspiciously like an 80s smooth jazz version of then contemporary R&B, it must be because he's called out the A team on those records to work it out more time. Certainly a tasty desert of a record, it's got the kind of chops that separate it from a gift shop version of records like this. Fun stuff that'll remind you of how much fun it was back then whether you were there or not, this really let's the good times roll.
(Creatchy 24)

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July 28, 2018
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CHRIS SPECTOR, Editor and Publisher
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