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BEN PATERSON/Live at Van Gelder's: Take a snazzy B3 player, set him up with a jumping trio and have them working out in Rudy Van Gelder's studio with the set card loaded with compositions by classic Blue Note artists. What do you think will happen? It sounds like the magic and ghosts of jazz past took over. Not an exercise in nostalgia nor a tribute, this is jumping stuff by a trio that is feeling the spirit. Sure to appeal to more than organ fans, this cooker is a real corker. Hot and heavy throughout, this really gets the jazzbo blood flowing. Well done.
(Cellar Live 32218)

JOANI TAYLOR/In a Sentimental Mood: A classic voiced jazz thrush that's propelled herself through more perils than Pauline comes back to the music with help from some pals that play like they're glad to be there. Sung right from the Chris Connor old school, this is right on the money and right in the pocket. Powered by a set card full of old school classics, this is a sure bet to take you back to the old school jazz clubs where it was really happening. Hot stuff.
(Cellar Live 111517)

DANA MARCINE/To the Horizon: A native New Yorker currently jazzing it up in Austin, TX where she beguiles the locals as well as those she touches as she makes her way around the world, this jazzy vocalist exercises her pen this time around as well coming in with a set of comfy originals that makes you sure you've heard them on Brazil lite albums from the past. Easy going, fun stuff, vocal fans are going to celebrate the latest from this songbird.

JEFF ‘SIEGE' SIEGEL QUARTET/London Live: Talk about a you-are-there experience. This live set recorded in 2010 was recorded the night public transportation in London was going on strike at midnight so a lot of people didn't show up because they were afraid they wouldn't be able to get home. That didn't stop this crew from letting the left leaning vibes fly. Leading his working unit from the back of the riser, Siegel captures a timeless underground vibe that keeps awake ears in tow to hear what's coming next. Solid stuff for hard core jazzbo.
(Artists Recording Collective 2901)

RAINBOW GRAVITY: The hippie producer from Woodstock gets a bunch of his neighbors to drop by and partake in his busman's holiday in which he dusts off his bass and plays star turn. With heavy duty enough names to draw you in just on that score, this sets scores well as a funky fusion date powered by a slew of pros you know you already trust. Totally cool stuff that makes you glad players still make music because they dig it. Well done.
(Planet Arts 301813)

JUDI SILVANO & the Zephyr Band/Lessons Learned: Once again, the jazz vocalist finds that sweet spot between art chick and hard core pro as she delivers a real personal album assessing where she is in life now. Lyrically loaded with lessons all should really be thinking about, this is a Zen jazz set that's sure to resonate with the current crop of seekers that are trying to take pause and figure the rest of it all out.
(Unit 4868)

RACHEL CASWELL/We're All in the Dance: Caswell is old school but not in ways you might expect. Digging into the oldies that you might not be too familiar with, she's structured this album around love songs---but she chose ones with a bluesy bent. Not made for crying in your beer, these arrows across the bow are pulled from a wide variety of sources from Sting to Rodgers & Hart. Doffing the cap to loads of classic jazz vocal moves along the way, this is sure to bring new listeners into the tent that are wondering what all the hub bub is about on classic records that jaded millennial ears think are dated. A wonderfully wild ride.
(Turtle Ridge 3)

REBECCA ANGEL/What We Had: The protean Jason Miles delivers a new artist with great fan fare. Taking a classic jazz vocalist but pushing her debut into the future for nu ears, there's enough jazz musical iconography woven into the mix to make an ironic millennial pay attention and get the ball rolling, but her wise beyond her years groove will finish the job. Sultry and untamed, you can bet a lot of currently unborn babies will be made to these sounds. Hot stuff that keeps Miles at the head of the class.
(Timeless Grooves 143)

ALEKSANDRA TAKALA/Visions & Emotions: An instrumentalist that's been writing for decades but only recently has felt the need to record has got a vibe that feels like she was as inspired by John Williams as she was new age letting the big and the small collide in a rapturous hug. While left leaning instrumental fans often have to get their goodies lurking around the edges of other genres, this is the set of rights sure to correct a lot of wrongs in their eyes and ears. Check it out.

STEPHANIE SANTE/Clear Light: Rolling it back to the beginning of the century when ambient/new age was second nature to her, Sante goes back to nature in this tribute to the world's oceans where she feels a great bond. A solid sonic getaway for when the walls are closing in, she knows her stuff and how to present it properly. Solid work in a Suzanne Ciani mode.

Number 41/Number 269
July 27, 2018
830 W. Route 22 #144
Lake Zurich, IL., 60047
CHRIS SPECTOR, Editor and Publisher
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