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RICH HALLEY 3/Literature: One of this generation's primo hell raisers decides it's time to look back and tip the cap to those who influenced his tenor saxistry, but don't think he's going gentle into that good night. Still a hell raiser throughout, you've never heard Charlie Parker and Jimmie Rodgers like this, let alone side by side. Throwing the throttle wide open for left leaning jazzbos, he's still looking forward even if it seems like he's looking back. A wild ride.
(Pine Eagle 11)

SATOKO FUJII & JOE FONDA/Mizu: Still celebrating her 60th birthday with a new cd every month, here we find Fujii facing off with Fonda in a piano/bass recital that finds them doing their interpretation of cool school progressive jazz picking it right up where they left tit off two years ago. Taking it to extremes as always, no matter who Fujii faces off against it's always going to be a creative explosion of some flavor. There's no limits here.
(Long Song 145)

RYAN MEAGHER/Evil Twin: Talk about letting the fur fly in the moment, Meagher and his Portland pals do some spontaneous composing here letting his guitar lead the way into some stuff that sounds like it's really out there but it seems to come back before the wheels come off. Improv jazz fans are sure to get it as the chops here are deep and real and the flights of fancy do come with an ETA.
(PJCE 32)

NATE SMITH/Some Kind of Dancing: A left leaning, down mouthed folkie that writes and sings like he knows too well from whence he's singing, there might be hope lurking in here somewhere but this is mostly the darkness before the dawn that never comes. Things can be pretty bleak out there and this is a solid bet for those who wish to be reminded of that.

AULT SISTERS/Sisters in Song: If this bunch of singing sisters came along in WWII, they would have been called a bunch of joyful Jills doing their trills. While the mine that classic singing sister vibe to a T, they aren't nostalgics as their song stack will attest. Their bright, bouncing sound is such a great antidote to the times we're living in, they make it seem pretty easy to imagine how the greatest generation felt when sound s like this were pulling them through. Jazz vocal fans are going to dig this no matter how anti-moldy fig the song list gets. Well done.
(www.aultsisters.com 18001)

Number 41/Number 262
July 20, 2018
830 W. Route 22 #144
Lake Zurich, IL., 60047
CHRIS SPECTOR, Editor and Publisher
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