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ALLEGRA LEVY/Looking at the Moon: The bright, rising jazz singer devotes her second disc to the moon, in all it's aspects from Irving Berlin to Neil Young, and melds it all with proper fascination for star gazing. With a moody, Euro sensibility running through it, this CT home grown singer has a world view as well as an out of this world one. Sophisticated cabaret flavored singing rules the roost here and she knows how to deliver it most properly.
(Steeplechase 31852)

DAPHNE LEE MARTIN/Scared Fearless: Not quite as radical as when world crept into folk 25 years ago, this set finds a sweet spot where folk and future blues come together in a flash point. A white lady with soul that won't be confused with Aretha's soul, Martin digs deep for a personal connection that listeners are sure to feel. A set that will refuse to be pigeon holed, left leaning ears will let this collection carry the day.

JAMIE YOUNKIN/Did It Anyway: A rural gal that dreamed of a musical career while mucking out stalls in Wyoming, Younkin takes her inspiration from Chet Baker as a singing trumpet player delivering the kind of off beat performance that would make Baker proud. Recorded in Florida with a bunch of jazzbos well deserving of wider attention themselves, this traditional set hits all the right notes leaving the listener quite satisfied with a new jazz experience. Tasty stuff throughout.

NOBUKI TAKAMEN TRIO: The seventh set from this post bop guitarist leaves no room for doubt. Playing with flash and speed, he peels off notes in more than fusillade fashion infusing it with texture and nuance primed by some sensational chops. A hard charging, high octane set, this is a sure fire, sure fingered winner throughout.

KEVIN KASTNING & BALAZA MAJOR/Kismaros: The first duo set by these two long time pals, this started out as an experiment to see where the 30 string guitar and percussion would wind up as equal partner in composition. It wound up being a finished album by lunch and you can feel the heat of passion no mate how cool school the actual playing is. Experimental without ever lapsing in to pots and pans country, it veers toward egghead music that you don't have to be a brainiac to get entangled with. Wild.
(Greydisc 3542)

Number 41/Number 255
July 13, 2018
830 W. Route 22 #144
Lake Zurich, IL., 60047
CHRIS SPECTOR, Editor and Publisher
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