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IMAGINARY BORDERS: Four top Brazilian cats band together to create their vision of world music in which all the people that finally called Brazil home are one, not products of boundary lines. A solid set that exists in a time zone all it's own, this is engaging, creative work that is jazz/world based but manages to go somewhere else as it plays through. When you get art like this that doesn't fall back on preciousness, it's a real treat.

DANIEL SANTIAGO/Union: A jazzy guitar man that's grown up with the label checks in with an accomplished date reflecting the miles he's traveled with the hitters that employ him. Atmospheric without lapsing into ambience, the guitar language is expanded in fine form by this modern progressive. Well done and new kick for guitar fans.

ANITA AYSOLA/Beyond Our Dreams: Can you take the long road from Indian classical music to contemporary folk/protest music? If you got the properly enabled brain apparently the answer is yes. Always coming back to music no matter which directions practicality pulled her in, every time she thought she was out, music was pulling her back in. Our gain. World wise stuff from a world wise cat, this is a true sonic buffet that sates all tastes without leaving any one out in the cold.

MARTY ELKINS/Fat Daddy: Is Elkins becoming the female Steve Tyrell? Without the growl? This is tasty jazz vocal date focusing on songs 90 years old given new oomph by Elkins and her sympathetic crew. A dandily swinging date that isn't preserved in amber, this is a holiday for jazz vocal fans that have a taste for something that blasts from the past. Hot stuff.

VANESSA COLLIER/Honey Up: The soul of Bonnie Raitt mixed up with a load of down home funk and fury is on parade here. A fully realized set that makes you wonder why it's so indie it hurts, Collier and her sax are a joy to behold. A hot time in the old town tonight if you like blues, soul and funk this date has it all. And just when you think you've heard it all, check out what she does to "Love Me Like a Man".

BROOKS WILLIAMS/Lucky Star: A trusted back porch/Americana cat comes in once more with a set that still doesn't disappoint. Recorded in three days with it's immediacy being worn on it's sleeve this set is a folkie delight. With tracks that find him facing off with Hans Theessink, there's nothing here not to like. A winner throughout.

JOE ELY/Full Circle-The Lubbock Tapes: Actually two sets of demos, one that got him his deal with MCA and one from the prep sessions for his third album. Always the Texas kind of cat that those outside the clime can never categorize, he's in the good company of Lloyd Maines here all the while showing why he led one of the areas best dance hall bands. Not leaving his Flatlanders roots far behind, this set shows the unvarnished best of both worlds as this stuff sounds pretty well past the demo stage. A must for all honky tonk fans and Ely fans.

Number 41/Number 242
June 30, 2017
830 W. Route 22 #144
Lake Zurich, IL., 60047
CHRIS SPECTOR, Editor and Publisher
Copyright 2018 Midwest Record

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