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ARK OVRUTSKI/Journey Moments: A funky bass man that could be running his own branch of the fans of Miles sidemen club serves it up with the beat of the street under your feet while never straying from his jazz roots. A solid set from a real pro that equates showmanship with just letting your deep chops fly.

JACQUELINE TABOR/Lady in the Gown: A real leading light in Seattle, this classy jazz vocalist knows how to make the chestnuts fresh without sprinkling water on them and roasting them again. With a sympathetic trio in tow, a good time is had by all as she kicks out the jams and shows all comers how it's done. Without going retro or neuvo but keeping it timeless, Tabor knows how to craft an experience you can experience more than once. Well done.

HENDRIK MEURKINS-BILL CUNLIFFE/Cabin in the Sky: Taking their cue from the Toots Thielemans-Bill Evans collaboration, these two long time pals finally made it to the studio together and all you need to say is ‘nuff said'. A lovely work of art, they play off each other as if it was meant to be and the choice of material never takes away from the chops no matter how diverse or unexpected. A classy album for classy ears, this can do as much to get you away from it all as a mediation record. Well done.

TROY ROBERTS/Nu Jive Perspective: The sax man his pals from around the world meet up again to mix their mash up of soul, funk an jazz into a one world perspective that focuses on the groove. With just the right amount of everything, this is an almost after hours set that eases you out of yesterday and in to tomorrow in fine fashion. Tasty stuff that celebrates the joy of spontaneous combustion.

TRIBU/El Matador: With a groove and vibe very much in line with the classic Afro Cuban jazz dates, this crew with miles of chops between them are up for the task of doing it again and doing it right. Certainly not moldy fig music, this set might not be the sound of the streets, but it's the sound of the water front bars you want to be at. Right in the pocket throughout, this set delivers the goods better than Amazon.

ROGER DAVIDSON/Music From the Heart: Steadfastly building a career and a catalog over the years, Davidson now finds himself in the company of fellow Brazil music pals Hendrik Meurkens and Pablo Aslan showing how much more to Brazil there is than the formidable works of Jobim. Going beyond Rio to Brasilia and Belo Horizonte with other stops in between, this galvanizing set is enough to open the ears of a new generation to the possibilities of Brazilian jazz. A tasty, well planned set, this workout is one of hose career defining moments.

BIG APPLE BLUES/Manhattan Alley: Their debut was a high speed, impressionistic take on a day in the life of New York. Here they take it to a macro level strolling down an alley where there's always something going on. Still taking their blues fusion to the next level of the mature, urban game, this is one walk down Manhattan's back alleys where you won't find a single rat---just exuberance and high energy.

Number 41/Number 232
June 20, 2017
830 W. Route 22 #144
Lake Zurich, IL., 60047
CHRIS SPECTOR, Editor and Publisher
Copyright 2018 Midwest Record

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