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PAUL FILIPOWICZ/Unfiltered: This white boy with the electric blues is so Chicago that almost all his covers are Chicago tunes by Chicago players. Hard core, raw stuff that really peels it back to the bone, "Untamed" might have been a more likely title for this set by a cat that got schooled in the blues almost from jump. Hard hitting stuff for hard core genre fans.

PHIL HAYNES & Free Country/60-69-My Favorite Things: The last entry in a trilogy of American music that's taken a few decades to record and release, this set looks at the 60s and has the easiest chance of striking a chord with listeners. An improv oriented drummer and free wheeling friends that show there's more to them than being jazzbos, they look at the sixties from both ends of the lens covering a big slice of the waterfront. With a lot of these tracks sounding like you are hearing them for the first time, you know the creativity on parade here is well purposed and unbridled. Hot stuff for a day of well needed diversion.

NO FAST FOOD/Settings for Three: Coming back to jazz from his rocked up reverie, Phil Haynes brings back Dress Gress and brings in Dave Liebman for a real whomper stomper of a set that shows you how jazzbos know how to really get what they want across when they are working on their own nickel. The soaring sound of freedom under pins the whole thing and when it takes flight, look out. Hot stuff for the open eared, leaf leaning jazzbo that wants to soar.

HUNGRY MARCH BAND/Running Through with the Sadness: Take what's essentially a punk band with a million members that's as enamored by second line funk as they are Sun Ra and you get a crew that seems to do all the wrong things on paper but will make you a willing accomplice in all their escapades. They don't play like a bunch of trust fund brats acting out and that authenticity keeps it real and engaging. The is the romp in the park your ears have been whining for. Killer stuff.

MAKRU/Tu Mission: World beat mash up that came together when world beat world travelers ran into each other in San Francisco, already a hot bed of melting pot mash ups, and let it all hang out. The average gringo won't know what's being sung here, but he's going to feel the vibe and even let some of the heat go to his feel. A sure turn on for armchair travelers, this heady concoction is all juice and no froth. Well done.

MARTIN NEVIN/Tenderness is Silent: A music is medicine kind of set that not only finds the bass man making the transition to leader from sideman but also looking back at a dark period in which these compositions were composed. Not an easy set to deal with, this jazz-classical kind of feeling set will speak to the restless soul looking for answers that aren't forthcoming communicating a way only music can.

JEAN CHAUMONT/Beauty if Differences: Any time you sneak Tierney Sutton into the liner notes, you've already caught our attention and this jazz guitar set well deserves attention. With a vibe that feels like it came from the lighter side of fusion, this transplanted Frenchman knows the groove well and delivers it at it's finest. Tasty stuff that modern guitar fans will recognize as hot stuff by a rising star, this set invites you to get on board now. Well done.

TOM TALLITSCH/Wheelhouse: If you dug the hard swinging sax man before, you're really going to like him now. Keeping it all original with some well seasoned jazzbos backing him up, this set has the feel of a classic date with one foot back in the day and one foot firmly on tomorrow. Solid stuff that finds him blowing up a storm without the need to over play it, this is modern daddio jazz that could start a trend of it's own. Clearly a winning set throughout.

YVETTE LANDRY & the Jukes/Louisiana Lovin': From the set list, you'd think this Louisiana gal is Bobby Charles grand daughter or something. Not so, she's just a local steeped in tradition that has a soft spot for locals that know their way around a juke joint and want the real deal. As Louisianan as you can get without tasting like Nawlins, this set from the other side of the highway hits it out of the park time and time again. Killer stuff.

SHAMIE ROYSTON/Beautiful Liar: Looking like a thrush in the Nina Simone tradition, which she isn't, Royston is a jazz pianist that presents pretty much a spiritual jazz trio set with some horns to add coloration. The kind of jazz that feels uplifting and on the positive side, it reflects her attitude and view that you should shower yourself with love. You can feel that kind of golden aura in these tracks. Tasty stuff for piano fans that know the real deal.

Number 41/Number 203
May 22, 2017
830 W. Route 22 #144
Lake Zurich, IL., 60047
CHRIS SPECTOR, Editor and Publisher
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