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GREGORY GENERET-RICHARD JOHNSON/2 of a Kind: A piano/voice duo that hit's a natural groove right out of the box, they might have honed their chops in the middle east but they sound like a 52nd street gem that's been waiting too long to be discovered. A swinging set of daddios that never met a groove or hook they didn't like, this vocal set will have you in it's spell in no time. Hot stuff throughout that takes you places you wish you hadn't forgotten. Whew!

ADI MEYERSON/Where We Stand: You look at the cover, you look at the band and you wonder what this thrush is doing with so many downtown jazzbos. Well, if you don't live in Billyberg, you probably wouldn't know she's an in demand, downtown bass ace and this is an instrumental set of swinging post bop that sounds like a lost Blue Note session. Written over a period of five years, she certainly knows how to keep a gentleman waiting for the good stuff. Purely smoking throughout.

ELIO VILLAFRANCA/Cinque: No, it's got nothing to do with Patty Hearst ya lunkheads. But, if crowd funding can support that unbridled Ellington level of creativity here, with the cast on board, then who needs major labels? A cinematically scoped release based on the Amistad mutiny, this sounds like the kind of stuff Ellington made in the late 50s when Goddard Lieberson said, "Duke, you aren't selling records" and Ellington famously said "It's my job to make them, it's your job to sell them". Everyone here is so first class and playing so first class that you get lost thinking this is a movie. If fans are willing to support something to deep and thought provoking, business ought to saddle up and follow suit. This is the kind of jazz that makes history.

JERRY WELDON/Those Were the Days: The sax man with a real taste for B3 leads his trio through a smoking little date where they cover the chestnuts but breathe new life into them as each turn. Enjoying the sweet life and stability TV work can bring, Weldon pours all the energy others waste into his horn and his charts and a great time is had by all. Hot stuff that'll get your temperature rising, this is cool trio stuff that'll simply bow your mind---just like it intended to. Well done, Weldon.

FLAVIO SILVA/Break Free: A guitar man that knows how to surround himself with jazzbos that know what to do, he doesn't have to hit each lick every time out when there are others that have so much to add to the whole. Playing like an ensemble with telepathy, this is a solid, forward thinking date that opens the ears nicely on only his second time out. A rich, fully formed date, this is a player with the soul of a player leading the way.

FOR NOW/Elsewhere: Art chick jazz with a world wide scope, this is a mash up of a different sort. Just the right soundtrack for consciousness lifting and scented candles as the contemporary lost generation endeavors to find itself.

AMOS HOFFMAN-NOAM LEMISH/Pardes: They aren't a guitar duo but if they don't remind you of the classic, world beat guitar duos as they were expanding their sound, you just aren't a fan of the genre. Tasty world beat without an agenda, this is right in the pocket of when said duos went about fattening up their sound with a band and a bunch of jazz. Even moldy figs won't be able to find any fault here. This is how you let the good times roll, world beat style.

CeCe TENEAL & Soul Kamotion/#5 or 5000: A legacy soul belter that has it in her blood might bring the funk as well but she makes it sound like the chitlin circuit is alive and well as she caters to gulf coast fans that dress up for the weekend and want to let off steam. Sassy and brassy throughout, this is how deep soul sounds these days.

LIKE FATHER LIKE SUN/Sun is a Star: Dad and lad get together for a folk rock band that has lyrics for kids that don't speak down to them and melodies that'll make the kids feel like they are listening to ‘real' records. The kind of stuff that would probably make more families hold together if more of them got their hands on it, this easy rolling set is fun for kids of all ages. Well done throughout.

Number 41/Number 199
May 18, 2017
830 W. Route 22 #144
Lake Zurich, IL., 60047
CHRIS SPECTOR, Editor and Publisher
Copyright 2018 Midwest Record

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