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DIANA PURIM & EYEDENTITY/Many Bodies One Mind: Just like Bebel Gilberto was a Brazilian musical legacy that went on to be a bag breaker, Purim and her husband are Brazilian and jazz legacies that have gone on to being bag breakers as well. Coming from progressive backgrounds, it's no mistake they've embraced the future as it speaks to them quite naturally on several levels. With lyrics influenced by #metoo as much as anything else, this now sound set is a winner that grabs your ears and doesn't let go. A fine set for progressive tastes that want the future now.

KEESHEA PRATT BAND/Believe: Did this blues challenge winner's new record get lost on it's way to Malaco? Killer southern soul from Houston, this is that wonderful kind of deep soul you didn't appreciate when you were a kid but turned your head on a vacation in Memphis. With a rollicking show band at her side, this is the kind of soul that the classic soul sisters would handily approve of. Right in the pocket throughout, you cant help but enjoy this rouser.

CRISTO BARRIOS-ANDREW WEST/Deep Light: If you have fond memories of your pop listening to classical music when you were a kid, this set is going to ping some deep memories right from the start. A simple but tasteful duo recital, right out of the box this sounds like classic Living Stereo and Masterworks recordings both in heart and in soul. Dubbed a set of clarinet masterpieces, these two kick it out on a wide range of material, all of it sounding like it was commissioned and recorded just for you. A real grown up kind of set, this is gong to make you feel supremely sophisticated with repeated Sunday afternoon listenings. Hot stuff.

MARCELLO PAGANINI/B4 Ever Now: A progressive ax man hooks up with some progressive jazzbos and the result is a new kind of prog rock that takes it somewhere else quite unexpected. New generations need nu sounds and this fills the bill for kids looking for a nu way out that's way out.

QRISTINA BROOKE/Linger: Go ahead, indulge her on her art chick spelling of her first name, there's a mighty pay off in doing so. Anything but an art chick, this Canadian fiddler that brings Irish music to life in a solo setting like it hasn't been in so long, her playing is the kind of stuff that leaves the typical sawing fiddler eating her dust. The kind of stuff that put the ethnic Irish renaissance on the map over 30 years ago, if you were there the first time, this is a great flashback, if you weren't, you have some real joys to behold. Killer stuff. Now someone fetch some tay an cakes.

MAN FROM RAVCON/Another World: Modern prog that rose from the ashes of North Carolina power pop feeds the mash up frenzy with a kaleidoscope of sounds that swirl and whirl like you wouldn't believe. Crazy stuff for crazy tmes, the vocabulary of prog is expanded in so many directions here that it's almost hard to fathom. If this ain't music for a modern happening, what is? Check it out.

BOB CORRITORE/Don't Let the Devil Ride: Corritore is a cat you can always count on for interesting, offbeat album covers. You can also count on the harmonica ace to deliver some white boy blues that make it sound like Butterfield never made his way to west side Chicago while Corritore was taking all his meals at the Checkerboard lounge. Traditional without being dusty, looka here for your new Highway 61 tour guide. Hot stuff.

DEB RYDER/Enjoy the Ride: The contemporary white blues aces are all on board backing Ryder for her latest which simply finds her growling and tearing it up as she makes her way thorough album four with the surefootedness of a pro that's seen it all and more. A jewel in a perfect setting, this set shines mightily on a seamless set that takes you on a tour of various blues ingredients in the great blues gumbo. A sizzling set that says it all.

BILLY PRICE/Reckoning: A soulful white boy with the blues that's got a resume that finds him listing everyone from Roy Buchanan to Duke Robillard as fellow travelers follows up his award winning Robillard set with another outing that shows he's still ready to build on it after all this time. A real soulful cat that could give Van Morrison a quick refresher course, you can hear it all from Muddy on forward here. Hard hitting stuff that really hits it out of the park.

WILL BOYD/Live at the Red Piano Lounge: This mad sax man is much more of a blower than you might think if you just give a cursory listen to the beginning of the set and think he's just another solo show off. When the band kicks in, the kicking really begins. A cat that's firmly in the tradition and knows how to send up a joyful noise, this is a new leader to keep an ear out for. Happy, buoyant playing runs the table here and a good time will be had by all. Well done.

Volume 41/Number 192
May 11, 2017
830 W. Route 22 #144
Lake Zurich, IL., 60047
CHRIS SPECTOR, Editor and Publisher
Copyright 2018 Midwest Record

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